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  1. Hello Ryan, thank you for the updated version of the module. Unfortunately, I have found a mistake in the module: In the monolingual version of Processwire (3.0.148) everything works fine yet when you update the imported pages (modify the existing page) a warning appears: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in ...\site\modules\ImportPagesCSV\ImportPagesCSV.module on line 515 In the multilingual version of Processwire (3.0.148) the title field is not filled in. And the same warning appears when you update the imported pages. Furthermore, I have prepared a multilingual import CSV with "|" and imported the data. Unfortunately, that did not work as expected. My CSV file: "Article Name","Price","externalID" "Apfel A"|"Apple A",1.25,abc123 "Apfel B"|"Apple B",1.15,abc124 "Birne B"|"Pear B",1.35,abc125 Resultat: $Page->name: apfel-a-apple-a apfel-b-apple-b birne-b-pear-b $Page->title: NULL Could you please provide an examplary CSV structure for the multilingual version? Kind regards Wlad
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