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  1. Hi Chris, just want to thank you for the module - saved me some time - works very well. Thumbs up! 🙂 cheers Simon
  2. Okay i managed to solve the Problem. I found this thread and modified my code: $empfaenger = $page->empfaenger->getNew(); $empfaenger->repeater_matrix_type = 1; $empfaenger->vorname = "Hulk"; $empfaenger->nachname = "Hogan"; $page->save(); Defining the repeater_matrix_type did the trick! Cheers Simon
  3. Hi there, i have a ProFields Repeater Matrix called "Empfaenger" - with two fields "vorname" & "nachname" and for the Item headers {vorname} {nachname} set. When i create a new "Empfaenger" via the Backend - ist correctly shows me the values of the two fields "vorname" & "nachname". But when i create a new "Empfaenger" via the API : $empfaenger = $page->empfaenger->getNew(); $empfaenger->vorname = "Hulk"; $empfaenger->nachname = "Hogan"; $page->save(); The Item header is something like 1. None/undefined ᛫ Showing fields for all types... See attached screenshot. Why ist that? And how can i avoid this? Thanks & Cheers Simon
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