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  1. Hi @iank, wow, it works great! Thank you for your help and solving the problem.
  2. Hi iank, sorry for my late reply and thanks for your effort! I entered the code and it gives me a value - unfortunately from the wrong vehicle. It should depend on the previously selected car wich is the parent template. At the moment it brings me the value of each vehicle.
  3. Hello everyone, is there a way to preset a field in the backend with the value of the last entry? An example: A start and end mileage is entered in a logbook. For a new trip, the end mileage of the last trip should become the start mileage of the new trip. I can't find a way to show the value in the template. Is it possible with a hook?
  4. Since my last post I have been dealing with the problem. I try to ask the question differently. Is it possible to display the last value that a user has entered in the admin template?
  5. It was a bad example of mine. Strictly speaking, it is the last mileage. The last driver enters his last mileage at the end of the trip. That should be the beginning mileage for the next driver. So it could happen that several drivers have several entries on one day.
  6. Is it possible to transfer the last value of a field into the field of a new page? Example: The final balance yesterday is the opening balance today.
  7. Ahh ... I have it! I have a double loop through the repeter items to iterate the single items (files) on the page. But to show the creator on the item only the first loop is relevant. Thanks for the food for thought!
  8. Hi @horst, yes, but with $myrepeateritem->createdUser; the output is empty.
  9. Hi, is it possible to show the user on frontpage who added a repeater item to a page? With $page->createdUser; only the creator of the Page is displayed, not the creator of the repeater item(s). Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi @BitPoet, that did the trick. Thanks again for your help!
  11. I'm trying to show users who have voted and who have not yet voted. To do this, I first collect the users who have already voted (certainly not very elegant). After that I try to remove these users from the list of all users. But I get an error message. Have anyone an idea where the fault is? $datenbank = $this->wire('database'); $sql = "SELECT user_id, vote_id FROM pollino_votes WHERE ".$seitenID."=page_id"; foreach ($datenbank->query($sql) as $row) { $teilnehmer = $users->get($row['user_id']); $antwort = $pages->get($row['vote_id']); echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>".$teilnehmer->nachname.", ".$teilnehmer->vorname."</td>"; echo "<td>".$antwort->title."</td>"; echo "</tr>"; // This first part works nice! foreach ($users->find("start=0") as $nutzer) { $nu = $nutzer->nachname.$nutzer->vorname; $tn = $teilnehmer->nachname.$teilnehmer->vorname; $nu->removeItems($tn); echo $nu; // Here comes the error message: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function removeItems() on string in ... } }
  12. Hi @BitPoet, excellent! So it works fine. Thank you for your help and support!
  13. Hi @BitPoet, I have inserted the default call for the poll:
  14. Hi @horst, thanks again for your help. I'am using PW version 3.0.148. Is there someone who uses Pollinio and the option with registered users?
  15. @horst, thank you for your quick support! I had already activated the "by user" option. But I didn't integrate the public function in my template, because you didn't have to include it for the other options (with cookie and IP address). But these work. My attempt to call the public fuction in the template unfortunately fails.
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