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  1. Hi, Yes, I've set the httpHosts (I forgot to add that line in). I have changed the names of the pages to random letters and it now working! Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm having some issues with the subdomain, the homepage of the subdomain is working but the sub pages are throwing a 404 page. I've made sure to point the domains at the same file area. I've included my config code and a screenshot of the file tree. $config->MultisiteDomains = array( "codeweavers.io" => array( // domain name is used to map to root page "root" => "cw-home", // page name for the root page "http404" => 27 ), "blog.codeweavers.io" => array( "root" => "blog", "http404" => 27 ) ); I don't know if I've set something up wrong or have missed a step, but any help would be appreciated. Lucy
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