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  1. Thanks for the welcome ? Basically, I want to compare the "created" timestamp of the new page with the "created" timestamp of another page. I have since found out that I can do it by calling $pages->get() with the id of the newly created page: $testPage = $pages->add('basic-page', '/', [ 'title' => 'This is the page title', 'body' => 'Lorem ipsum' ]); $newPage = $pages->get($testPage->id); var_dump($newPage->created); // result: 1618991002 I don't really understand why I can't get at it directly though. If $testPage has an id, I would think it has been saved to the database, and all fields would be populated. But hey, whatever works ?
  2. Hi! After adding a page with $pages->add(), the value of the returned page object's "created" property is always 0. I thought it would give me the timestamp of when the page was created. In the admin, I can see that the page has been added and that the created/modified times are correct. $testPage = $pages->add('basic-page', '/', [ 'title' => 'This is the page title', 'body' => 'Lorem ipsum' ]); var_dump($testPage->title); // result: "This is the page title" var_dump($testPage->created); // result: 0 Is there a way to get the correct timestamp after adding a page with the API? Thanks!
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    Teppo, I'm writing my first message on this forum (hi!) to thank you for this module. I'm testing it on a small local test site at the moment, and really liking it so far!
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