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  1. Hi Guys, I honestly did not expect so many of you to jump in and try to help so fast. In the future if I need help I will try to explain the use case a bit as @bernhard suggested. But just like everything else with Processwire, the solution was way simpler than I even hoped it to be. A big Thank You you @teppo, you did understand me, cause your suggestions were exactly what I needed and solved my problem. Just in case the use case is still relevant: The normal roles systems of PW has always worked well for me as it is, and in some sensitive data systems, i have come to rely heavy on PW permissions in systems where I was the only one who needed to add fields and templates and everyone else was only for data viewing, entry and editing. However I have one case now where I want them to be able to build their own PW form in the backend to register incoming data, because then I get to do only the fun part: 1: spinning up VMS, Virtual hosts and clean PW installs and then 2: writing the scripts for reports and graphs from that data. Basically with this now in my systems, I can use PW the way I used MS Access back in the days. I train the datacollectors to build their own datacollection tools, and I focus on reporting, without the risk that a malevolent other super user can remove me or uninstall the Versioning Module.
  2. Hi Everyone, First of all, a big thank you to the Processwire team. Ever since I started using PW I never used anything else, or took any job where I would not be allowed to use it if I deemed it the best tool for that job. It has allowed me to create demo forms and presentation screens live on the spot during negotiations and training sessions, which sometimes can have a great effect. It has also allowed me to reach interesting people with the open source message. But I do have a question. Is it possible to have a none-superuser (can't manage superusers), but who can create fields and templates?. It seems to me now that only superusers can create fields and templates. As with most things in Processwire, I have a feeling the solution will be one easy switch somewhere, but I just can't find it.
  3. Bump? I want to create a User that can create/edit/delete pages, and can create/edit/delete fields and templates, but can not create/edit/delete users. I would like to be a bit more specific. Who can not create/edit/delete superusers. It currently seems that only superusers can create/edit/delete templates and fields.
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