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  1. Hello Juergen, I uploaded the new FrontendForms.module and everthing is fine now. No warnings in back-end or front-end. This is a very handy and helpful module for building forms. I just miss the examples you have included in the previous versions of the module - they were very informative; it's a pity I didn't kept them after the updates. You have done a very good job. Thank you for your efforts and hard trying. Best regards, Constantine
  2. Hello Juergen, The form is working now in live server (I have not yet test if emails can be sent). The issue is that if in the site/config.php the debug is true: $config->debug = true; There is an error both in back-end (admin) and the front-end of the site. I attached the error message picture. Especially this error line is keep coming in the page (many lines) so especially in admin it's not easy to work. If $config->debug = false; no error message. Also another question: I declare the $frontendforms = new FrontendForms(); into the template file(s). In the site I have 2 different forms; a contact form and a kind of simple reservation form. The contact form page, as I said, is working fine but the reservation form page shows an error saying: Compile Error: Cannot declare class FrontendForms\Form, because the name is already in use (line 0 of site/modules/FrontendForms/Formelements/Form.php) Any idea about these 2 issues? Best regards
  3. Hello, What I meant in my previous message is that system accepts (understands) the command: ... = new FrontendForms (); But doesn't accept (understand) the command: ... = new Alert(); Perhaphs is an issue with module's directories or too many directories or files that cause an issue with the memory allocated in a live server?
  4. Hello Juergen, In Form.php ... in line 346: public function getAlert(): Alert { return $this->alert; } and in line 307: public function getRequiredText(): RequiredTextHint { return $this->requiredHint; } Both functions return an object (Alert & RequiredTextHint), but these objects are not declared anywhere in the code. Maybe this is the issue that causes the error message? Best regards
  5. Hello Juergen, This is sp1ke (for some unknown reason, I cannot login with my old name in forums). Some remarks that might help you: 1. Your module worked fine on my local server (windows PC with XAMPP). The problem arise when I transfer the site to a live server. I have already tested in 2 different servers and the error message was the same in both of them. 2. Yesterday using module's version 2.0.2, I comment out the line 121 in Forms.php (where there is the error): // $this->alert = new Alert(); After doing that the same error message was for line 128: $this->requiredHint = new RequiredTextHint(); Maybe these info is useful for you. Best regards
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