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    Hanna Code

    Thank you very much for your reply! I feel a bit silly right now haha. Your solution worked, it's working now. Thanks!
  2. jarik

    Hanna Code

    I hope someone can help me with the issue I'm facing when using Hanna Code. I've installed Hanna Code using the instructions and I've made a couple of Hanna Code's. For example: one HTML Hanna Code with an image, so that I can easily show the same image on different pages within the content, so I also can change it easily. But right now, the results of the codes just doesn't show. Hanna Code shows them when I view the Hanna Code's preview, but the shortcode ( the [[name here]] codes) don't turn into something else. I've an example here: https://smartranking.nl/blog/oude-berichten-weer-hoger-in-google-laten-verschijnen/. The shortcut remains "[[cta-seo-consult]]". Is anyone known with this problem? How can I fix it? I hope someone can give me the solution for it. I already tried different text formatting, but that also doesn't help.
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