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  1. Thanks kongondo. That would work if I didn't need an email being sent on existing pages as well. But when a page, a booking, for example changes status from 'offered' to 'booked' then I need an email to be sent. With Pages::added only new pages will trigger the hook right? It's working right now but I'm afraid something will trigger emails being sent out for all bookings ever made. I don't know how that would happen but it feels like a possibility 😓. For example moving bookings to trash generated emails but that's taken care of.
  2. Hi, I want to send an email if a page (a booking) is saved with a status field set to booked (Multiple Select). I got this to work with a $pages::saved hook in ready.php, initially it only worked when I updated (and saved) existing pages. When a new booking was created emails weren't sent. After some minor headaches I realised that new pages didn't have a 'created' timestamp set yet (1970-01-01) and I had an If statement to check that pages were newer than 7 days. This was ment to be some kind of fail safe to not send thousands and thousands of emails if for some reason those booking pages got "re-saved" by system or accident. Anyone who has any ideas on how to make sure emails aren't sent by mistake and only when a new booking is created with status booked or when an existing booking is saved with status booked?
  3. Eureka! 🙂 Read in some post that it was supported, hence some loss of hair. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I can't get csv import to work for a ProField Multiplier. I have 14 columns/fields paired. The multiplier field is number 6. If mapped I get the import to work for all fields up until this field (no errors shown) this field and the following are empty. If I remove the mapping for this field everything else get's imported correctly. Is the syntax for CSV Field Pairing different when using multiplier? The field name is pm_numbers and I mapped like this: 1:title . . 6:pm_numbers Most rows of the CSV has a single value the ones with more than one have them separated by a pipe | Type is text but actually contains numbers in the CSV but that shouldn't matter right? Any clues?
  5. Thank's to all of you for the warm welcome and all your tips. I've been busy with other projects but will dig into all of your tips this weekend. I really appreciate it. Have a nice weekend.
  6. Hi, I’m in the planning phase of building a new PW-site (my first). It will have multiple purposes. One is providing information to contact center agents. It will contain information about stores with attributes like Name, Contact information, Services provided (max 10 different kind of services exists, a store can provide 1 to 10 of them), Opening hours etc. They belong to a country (1 out of 4) and a brand (1 out of 6). A brand can exist in one or more countries A store can have one or more phone numbers. When an agent receives a call I wan’t to be able to pop a browser window with an url like: www.example.com/phone-number/12345678which loads the page with information about the specific Store. The phone number is the only identifier the call center system has to put into a url I’m planning to have Country and Brand as parent pages with the different countries and brands as child pages. Then use page reference field to assign Stores to their country and brand. Maybe also do the same with Services provided or is it better to have it as a simple multiple select field? In order to be able to have the phone number in the url I’m considering giving each number a page and again use page reference field to connect it to a specific Store. Does this seem like a good approach? My main concern is how to handle those phone numbers (about 1000). I want to assign a number to a Store. It should not be possible to assign a number to more than one Store but possible to assign more than one number to a Store. How to make it easy to select one Store of a hundreds? How to avoid a number getting referenced to multiple stores? Store data (meta) will be accessed directly from the DB from another system (eg. getting their names, country and brand etc) when reporting number of calls etc. (with phone number as identifier/key) Later on I would like to build a REST API using PW to get information on Stores as JSON. The site will also contain routines and processes, kind of a knowledge base. Some unique to a country or brand, some common for all. Likely to be in different languages. As you see, quite a lot to take into consideration before building a monster that will be cumbersome to make changes to. All tips and reflections to get me started much appreciated but mainly on page structure and how to deal with those numbers in a good and easy way. Thanks!
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