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  1. perfect Bernhard! thanks for your help! now ist working fine (2019-04-02.sql)
  2. hey Bernhard, thank you for the answer. I guess something is not working still. The name is now "2019201920192019-AprApr-TueTue.sql"
  3. Hello everybody, maybe someone can help me with the Cronjob Database Backup module. I want him to write the backup with date. Unfortunately he does not do that yet. Does anyone have a tip that I need to change? Sorry very beginner. Many thanks for your help Greetings from Hamburg Andreas
  4. Thank you have found something try it with the dump.sql
  5. Hello everybody, I have a question and hope you can maybe help me. Is it possible to perform a server change without backing up the database? Unfortunately, I have only made a backup of the data via FTP. So no backup with the help of a module unfortunately. Am grateful for any help unfortunately, the site will not be online again without errors Greetings from Hamburg Andreas
  6. Hi everyone, after a server change I have a few problems to get the page up and running again. Does anyone have a hint how to get it back to work? I'm grateful for every tip. Many thanks for your help
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