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  1. Hi Teppo, I would've replied sooner but i was away for a few days. Thanks for the module update and the corrected delete(), which worked perfectly. I'm still missing something, perhaps this is a question for the general forum: Is there a way to auto-populate a page's custom field with the Processwire page ID? Or even better, have 'id' appear as a field in admin, similar to 'title'.
  2. The FieldtypePageIDs module is exactly what i was looking for, wanting to see the unique page id in Admin. But i made a big error in setting the module's selector string: $page->id This produces a long error message starting with: Unknown selector operator: '$' ... Opening the field (to delete it) in Admin produces: Process returns no content So i tried to delete the field via API: $fields->delete('thefield'); Which produces another error long error message beginning with: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to ProcessWire\Fields::___delete() must implement interface ProcessWire\Saveable, ... It seems that hooks are involved, which i don't understand hooks at all, so thought it best to ask for help on how to delete that field. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for your replies, that was the problem. The server information page says PHP 7.0.32, but <?php echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion() ?> returned 5.3.29. I changed the PHP Configuration in cPanel>Software and the install completed.
  4. While trying to install 3.0.123, i encountered the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/naucom5/public_html/wire/core/FunctionsAPI.php on line 469 In cPanel, i extracted the zip file to 'public_html', which created the directory 'processwire-master', and then moved the files from 'processwire-master' to 'public_html' (which previously had 1 unrelated directory). Installation went well choosing Uikit profile, including connecting to database. Compatibility check ok (mod_rewrite error cleared after recheck), successful database connection, config.php saved, unchecked a few cleanup items, then the error message. Any suggestions appreciated.
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