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  1. Just a little update. I discovered a company here in Vancouver that has really integrated/meshed together the template/IDX concept into monthly packages specifically for realtors. Check it out at www.realtyninja.com. Crunchbase did an article on them here http://www.crunchbase.com/company/realtyninja Cheers for now, Grant
  2. I searched through my stuff and found 2 sites I saved as favs from old research. Wordpress has a plugin for IDX. I think I read the activation for the plugin is with a user code given to the realtor for their own site. http://www.diversesolutions.com/ http://wordpressreal...-idx-theme.html And your right Pete, everyone shares the same live data feeds. For example, five realtors can show and sell the same target listings for a given location area, regardless of what company and realtor has it listed or for sale. I also read somewhere that after 3 impressions on a single property triggers a event (a popup box)offering the viewer to get more info on properties(by email, I think) in the same area of like-kind. Thereby placing them into the database as a client to work with through the system with target specific information streamed automatically, as a feed. I think they can request more info, a call back, chat message, etc. immediately. Just a little more to chew on...I am going to contact some realtors I know and see what info I can get to aid this. Cheers, Grant
  3. Thanks for the responses Pete and argen! Some of my research suggests the live feed code comes direct from the real estate boards, locally, in the area you want it from, eg, I live in the Vancouver area I would get the code feed from the Vancouver Real Estate Board MLS(which has in inter-exchange agreement with all other boards). I believe each board approves a webmaster to access (through an active realtor requiring such a site) the code required to be placed into the site. I realize to a certain degree I might be answering my own question! The templating wordpress has available is the construct to implement the code smartly into the site for functioning utilization(local listings, target market types and areas, geo-locations(google map), 2 bedroom, swimming pool, 2 storey, etc.) Maybe the code is input into a custom field(s)? Instead of a module like I was thinking? I might be grouping the wrong thing together here. I'll dig a little more and report my findings. One thing I do know is I do not like the presentation layouts I see with most existing plates. A fresher, simpler more intuitive templating that is iphone and ipad compatible for the searching buyers and sellers. Any all suggestions rock! Let's get some of these types of sites actively kicking butt here at Processwire, the more of us the better! Cheers, Grant
  4. Hi All, I am interested in integrating IDX(Internet Data Exchange) for the Real Estate Multiple Listing Service into PW for realtor websites. Wordpress has such premium($$$) templates available but (having been a realtor years ago and more recently a realtors administrative assistant) I would like to offer such a set of templates built on a better framework-PW(!) which the realtors can easily upload, update, etc...self-manage. I just finished a website using processwire based off the included template to learn PW better and I love it! My desire is to offer sets of templates for real estate agent clients requiring websites with the IDX. My limited knowledge of code restrict my ability to do this on my own. So I want to know if anyone has an idea if; 1- Could this be best achieved by a module? 2- How much is entailed for such a project? Any/all suggestions from the PW community will be most helpful... Cheers, Grant
  5. Thanks for such a quick reply Pete! I just downloaded PW again and it went as normal with everything now in the main file. I don't know what happened that I was asked for passwords 5 times last night for some of the download content in the files. Strange as a strange is I guess. Thanks for clarifying...
  6. It's been a while since I have been here. It's nice to be back! Built a couple sites with PW on my server but got distracted with other CMS sites requiring attention for clients... I have a couple questions; I downloaded PW 2.2(latest version) and found certain includes requiring a password so I bypassed to get the bulk of content download on my computer. How do I get the extras? Whom do I chat with about password for extras, or are they even required? Maybe this is dealt with in another area of forum to clarify. Secondly, what is the cost of the form builder Ryan? It look amazingly versatile and a highly valuable addition! By the way, if I remember correctly from last year, you and I share the same birthday Oct.16th! PW has come a long way over the past year. I'm back to stay!!!
  7. Great question! Even the fact you are asking displays a desire to grow an effective & healthy community here at ProcessWire. I am a newer webbuilder with lots to learn on all fronts. I by accident, came across a comment posted by Ryan (I forget where) about 'fields'. It immediately caught my attention, I went to the PW website and got led to the video introduction, got excited by Ryan's easy straight forward approach to using PW, jquery, and it's scalability and depth of use. I found the software quick to download and open in admin on my home server(to give it a try) and voila, was amazed at the ease to get started using it. I hope to have the first site public in the next couple weeks(online jewelry business) Cheers, Grant
  8. I discovered the problem and solution to video and paypal output. In the textareas field I placed the name with a capital, Video vs. video and Paypal vs. paypal. It resolved and works perfect. Ah...the little things they can get ya stumped...I also got GMAP working on my site. Hope to upload to public server soon and will let PW community know when done. I appreciate the support here in the forum. It makes learning a new CMS framework fun!
  9. Thanks for a prompt response APEISA, I should have been a little more clear in my first post. I placed echo $page->youtube; in the template. Also my code for YouTube is in the correct field. I'll work on it and see if I can figure this out. Will update. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi all, I am presently building a website to include video. I placed in the textarea field recommended by Ryan but do not know specifically what code to place into template to render on page on my home server. I am referring to what Ryan posted- 'Embedded videos are easy: just create a textarea field and don't add any textformatters to it. Then the client simply pastes in the YouTube/vimeo/etc. provided embed code into that field on the page. All you have to do is output it in your template.' Also I am doing something similar with PayPal into site. I am using FatFreeCart for embedding into pages and set up a field as above for it also but do not know what code to insert into template. I am presently using it at www.shanaleegibson.ca (this is the website I am now building new in ProcessWire) Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Grant
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