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  1. Hi @kongondo, it works great. I adjusted it a little bit for myself. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and my english is not perfect so sorry for the mistakes. I have an Blog Project and i will use categories. Here is the structure: Blog -> displays all the Blogposts (template=BlogPage) Post-Name -> display the specific Post (template=BlogPost) Categories -> not visible in the menu (template=CategoriesPage) Categorie-Name -> not visible in the menu (template=CategoriePage) For your information: (BlogPost) every blogpost has its own page (BlogPost) in Admin i can select the categorie per Field -> SelectMultiple Pages (Checkbox) (fieldname=categories) (Blog) displays all the BlogPosts and all the categories under the ParentTemplate CategoriesPage, which also have their own side Now the Problem: On Blog -> I would like to click on a category and only see the post that has this category checked in the BlogPost. CategoriePage -> what do I have to insert there to show only the specific posts which use the checked categorie? Let me know if you need more information Thanks for your support
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