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  1. Hello,

    I use a tinymce field with pleasure but face with one problem : the insert media function.

    This work with no consistency, sometimes it work like a charm sometimes not at all and erase all medias inserted... 

    I can't found a logic for why or what cause this. I tried with Vimeo and YouTube links or iframe codes, with or without text, save before add text, local or online... and I don't know how to find a solution 😕

    If somebody have an idea I'll be very happy 🙂 

    Have a good day.

  2. Hello,

    I'm trying to use your module, but I think I miss something...

    I import first some pages after if I save manually each one all is fine but if I try to bulk save nothing append.

    Third case, when I use the api way, the url of image in textarea are well updated but the "images" field stay empty.

    Any idea how to clean this situation? Thanks

  3. Thanks @bernhard for your message.

    I'm in the middle.

    Functionalities is very basic, journalists can choose a name, create/edit/delete their articles, reply to comments... done.PW backend UI  is good to admin but could be better for my users ( in fact they are majority of 65+, display only personal entries, "bigger" articles list with thumbnail,...)

    If building a dedicated template is possible for PW admin to have a custom UI and match look and feel, I think it would be my choice. Users are kind of "trusted" (account are created manually by admins).

    If not, I'll do the other way and search a way to connect a tinyMCE textarea with a images field like in the PW admin to have helper and  security functions

  4. Hello PW community,

    I'll be creating a news website soon and thinking about what is the best way for journalists/columnists to write their articles.

    Give them access to the Admin and create  dedicated UI/template 

    Pro: use the power of rich editor (tinyMCE) 

    Cons: I don't know if/how I can create a dedicated template + need to secure admin functions

    Create a dedicated Interface in front and implement TinyMCE 

    Pro: no access to admin / easy to create interface

    Cons: what about the drag and drop and upload images function, Is it possible to connect with the PW API for security (restrict file accepted, size,...)

    Have you already facing this situation ? 

    Thanks for your Help.



    PS: is this forum created with PW ? because the current rich editor is just perfect in fact I don't need so much options.

  5. Hi @adrian ? first, many thanks for your module ! it help me a lot.

    Unfortunately, I'm facing with a bug/problem.
    I have a store pages with a mapMArker field, all fine when I export, the data are well inside de CSV but when I try to import this CSV the mapMarker field is not filled ans display the default value.

    Any idea ?


    Note: I created a hook function (Pages::saveReady)  who copy/paste address in the address field of the mapMarker and use your module to resave all entries and then all is fine

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