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  1. Wow @gebeer, that info is really valuable! Thank you very very much!
  2. Thanks @SamC, I understand. I kind-of did it in a test environment, let me explain the full case scenario: A local (and really small) movie theater in my area was looking for a web designer to help them out with their website and primarily their ticket management integration. They absolutely need to sell their tickets on-line. I quickly jumped in to start the negotiations around budget, best solution, how to manage the whole thing, ecc. During our chats I found that there was a widely used ticket management service in Italy called Wintic/Webtic, it is used in around 70% of cinemas in Italy and I knew that very probably I would have to integrate that sooner or later. So I started calling the software house regarding their ways to integrate the whole "thing" in an existing portal. They told me that they made available a webservice with the cinema schedule and send me a link to the JSON I was frightened! Being this the first time I've found myself in a situation (that I was actively avoiding) where I just needed to step out of my relatively comfy zone of CMSs and tackle the issue as best as I could and in a budget friendly way. (The integration with Wordpress is just a headache to think about compared with Processwire) Then I started to read (many times) all the threads regarding JSON import and this one really helped me out understanding the whole process. From that thread and a couple of others I modified the script and now it looks like this: https://gist.github.com/protorob/e6050c78b4bee2dbce59c38234afa0de In the end I came out with a functional mockup that you can find here: http://webtic.artomultiplo.net/ and accepted the job. Full of courage. Now I have a whole lot of new questions regarding the best way to wrap it out, so expect to see me around a little more this time. I'm planing to document the whole process in a very long blog post Now my main "concerns" are regarding: - Automate the create/modify/delete of the schedule comparing differences between the current JSON and a New one - Adding extra information to the events and not losing them when the schedule re-synchronize - Working with AJAX Load more for some parts of the website - Handling the blog I know I'll need a little bit of help specially with the importing script. I'll let you know how it goes
  3. Will look into that as soon as I figure out who to do it :-P
  4. Thank you all very much! I've instead used the "insert into template" method, but the include method is a lot better. I'm just starting up my processwire exploration with a project where I need to get some data from a JSON from a movie booking app and I'm actually doing giant steps considering that this is my first time with JSON and/or PHP. Is amazing, I'm doing stuff that I could only dream of when working with wordpress. I'm soooo exited... for real. This is the gist of what I'm using for creating the pages based on a json that I pull from an URL https://gist.github.com/protorob/e6050c78b4bee2dbce59c38234afa0de Any suggestion is well received. Thanks again fr your support!
  5. I know that this post is a little old ut it should work even now, right? My question is: what's the content of that index.php that @Soma included in the first line?
  6. @SamC I'm trying to do a similar thing (if not identitical) and I'm in a similar situation like the one you were in the first thread, been also more a designer myself I'm trying to digest as much php as possible but some concepts regarding the json to pages are very hard to understand. Is it possible for you to explain a little about your final solution/workflow/code for this situation? Thanks in advance.
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