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  1. Alright @dragan, your clue was essential to archive my goal, it;s working fine. Have w cool weekend bro. Cheers.
  2. Sorry @dragan but i think i get your point. You think i should use "pages" as categories and seems i'm almost done. Did you think about such approach ? Thanks.
  3. Thank you @dragan. Seems you pointed me a right direction. I'm just wondering about How can i pre-define this ? Should this field contain maybe a repeater with just single values ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Recently i'm building small blog, and seems i'm too small to figure out how to do the following: As admin i I've created new field - select field which holds blog categories. Later i coded some repeater to have following fields: title, thumb image, textarea, (CKEditor) and my select field that holds categories. When i log as editor, everything is working fine, i can add new blog entry and select proper category. The problem is that as editor i don't have any option to add new categories if needed .... Is there any way for editor (non super admin) to edit field somehow ? Thank you ! Jack Edit, as admin i've added module Page edit field permission and configured, but when i'm loogged as editor, i see no such option to edit this select field (last screensshot).
  5. Hi, I'm not sure, i don't know how to check this as i have only access to ftp and database via adminer. That's all. On another server this is working - as it's simple shared hosting with apache2/php 7 and mysql . Recently, i've changed processwire version -> downgraded to 3.0. Pages content is not updated all the time, SEO tabs from SEOModule too, but page url is updating, strange things.... maybe is't worth to mention, that i see some issues with modules installing too, for example module jumplinks gives: Failed to init module: ProcessJumplinks - Unable to find ID for Module 'ProcessJumplinks'
  6. Localhost is Apache, Live also apache (i think Digital Ocean but not sure). LIVE: PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.14 Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
  7. Hi @Christophe This is a message (edited title fileld of one of pages) but title still remains untouched. So i don't see modifications on server. Hosting is on Forge, and locally i have XAMPP. Now i've installed this website on another server and i see that it's working. So localhost and another server works fine, but not page on Forge (i'm using forge all the times, always everything is ok, so not sure whats wrong in this case - one thing for sure, im using newest version of processwire.) EDIT: I see that i'm able to edit for example: But NOT this:
  8. Hi, I have project done on localhost, all works fine. When i'm attempting to upload this project into live server all looks ok, but when i'll login as admin, i cannot edit anything. After saving, i see message that data is saved, but nothing happens. Impossible to edit nothing... Thanks for any tips. PS: No errors in logs, data can be changed manually using phpmyadmin, so looks like no problems with database too.... I've also noticed, that if some page has blank field i can add text and save. And this will be saved, but cannot be edit again.
  9. Hi, I'm having a problem with this module. I't installed with Processwire ver3. The problem is -> on localhost plugin is working fine, but on live server plugin is not working (strange is that it was working fine, but stopped without any reason ): when i type title, keywords and description and click SAVE, page is reloaded without errors, but i see old entries, so cannot update existing entries. I was able to edit Title and description, but next attempts fails. So it saves SEO daya randomly, sometimes im able to edit and save, and sometimes it will just return previous values. Does anybody has this issue ? Thanks. Actually im seeing this on edit page in SEO TAB
  10. One strange thing is: This page, that containes insight_repeater also have h1_tag, and this query will return page's h1_tag instead of repeater's h1_tag: <?php $query = $pages->find("insight_repeater.h1_tag~=Lorem"); ?>
  11. I've just checked this. first case returns: noticee: trying to get property on non object in... and the second returns nothing ... I'm using latests dev version. Cheers. Recently, i see that my code is actually working, but if h1_tag contains "Lorem" i'm only able to make this work if i'll type: <?php $query = $page->get("insight_repeater")->find('h1_tag~=Lorem'); ?> and not Lor. Is there any workaround ?
  12. Hi, I'm having problems with seatching for a value in repeater. One of pages have attached repeater called 'insight_repeater'. This repeater has h1_tag (text field) and i'm trying to search for repeater items that contains 'lor' phrase. And right now i'm trying to do simple search, looking for phrase 'lor'. I've tried many approaches, but nothins seems to work, so i want to ask what i'm doing wrong here: <?php $query = $page->get("insight_repeater")->find('h1_tag~=Lor'); ?> Thanks for help.
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