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  1. I'm reusing a 'subtitle' field for a staff profiles repeater, as their role title. I see that I can relabel fields in normal use, however I cannot locate an option to do this within a repeater. Is this possible? Thanks.
  2. Got it! {{ page.title }} Why the hell isn't this documented anywhere??
  3. How do you include fields in Twig templates? Tried using {% $page->Title %}, but that creates an error. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I'll give it a go. Although I'm not sure how it would reference itself without constant redirects?
  5. Nevermind.. Turns out C9 wasn't running 'routing.php' but still launching the 'index.php' file. Not sure how to make it run a non-index file?
  6. I have a fresh install of Processwire, and I've set the admin area to 'admin'. However, as I'm using a Cloud9 selfhosted IDE, I run my dev projects using the PHP webserver. I cannot access the admin panel (or any routing urls), as the routing is designed around a .htaccess rewrite I followed this guide https://processwire.com/talk/topic/13445-using-phps-built-in-webserver-with-processwire/ to create a routing file, but with no joy. How can I get a dev processwire site up and running using the PHP server?
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