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  1. Thanks for replying. I tred updating the JSON manually to change allFields from a simple string to an array, which solved the initial problem, but then I got other errors with the scf-messages page in particular... I seem to have got my system into a proper mess so will probably need to reinstall from scratch. One thing that puzzles me is that the documentation has changed a lot since version 0.2.1 - I can't see any reference to the scf-messages page at all in version 1.07 for example.
  2. It seems the immediate problem is that $this->allFields is a string instead of an array, but the question is why?
  3. Hi David, I just upgraded from ProcessWire v2.8 to v3.0.87, and it offered to automatically upgrade my SimpleContactForm module (from v0.2.1) This resulted in the following error: Any ideas how to fix this?
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