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  1. Awesome! Thank you, this is far easier for me to wrap my head around. ?
  2. Was it a post count thing? I was looking for the answer to the same question.
  3. I am new to PHP and new to PW. The below code works but I get the feeling it could be cleaner/better. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. <div class="row mb-2"> <?php $items = $pages->find("homepage_item=1"); foreach($items as $item) { // $item === $pages->get($item->id); echo "<div class='col-md-6'>"; echo "<div class='row g-0 border rounded overflow-hidden flex-md-row mb-4 shadow-sm h-md-250 position-relative'> <div class='col p-4 d-flex flex-column position-static'>"; echo "<h3 class='mb-0'>$item->title</h3>"; if($item->arbitrary_publish_date) { echo "<div class='mb-1 text-muted'>$item->arbitrary_publish_date</div>"; } else {echo "<div class='mb-1 text-muted'></div>"; } echo "<p class='card-text mb-auto'>$item->summary</p>"; echo "<a href='$item->url' class='stretched-link'>Continue reading</a>"; echo "</div><div class='col-auto d-none d-lg-block'>"; echo "<svg class='bd-placeholder-img' width='200' height='250' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' role='img' aria-label='Placeholder: Thumbnail' preserveAspectRatio='xMidYMid slice' focusable='false'><title>Placeholder</title><rect width='100%' height='100%' fill='#55595c'/><text x='50%' y='50%' fill='#eceeef' dy='.3em'>Check it out!</text></svg>"; echo "</div>"; echo "</div>"; echo "</div>"; // echo $item->title; } ?> </div>
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