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  1. Hallo! i like the leaflet map module. but i have one question. now i'm setting the style of the marker manually in the page template because i have not input for the marker style in my admin panel. what i'm doing wrong? installed modules Fieldtypes FieldtypeFontIconpicker 0.1.6 Leaflet Map Marker 3.0.2 Inputfield InputfieldFontIconPicker 0.1.6 Leaflet Map Marker 3.0.2 Markup Inline Scripts 3.0.2 MarkupFontIconPicker 0.1.6 LeafletMap Markup 3.0.2 thx - sanstraces -
  2. hallo! i'm new to processwire. i try to append the page id to the page name with a hook, when the page is added. so it looks like page-id. i used addHookAfter('added') for this, but its not working. public function hookAfterAdded($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; $page->name = $page->name .'-'. $page->id; $this->message('added '.$page->name); } any idea to solve the problem! Thanks - sanstraces -
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