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  1. Hi there - is there a way to include the first image and the body of a page to the "itemDescriptionField" without leaving $rss->render($items); ? In my case this happend automatically for the frontend output, so I'm searching for a way to integrate the images in my feed. Thanks in advance. Thorsten
  2. Thank you very much, @Zeka, this was the solution indeed. Now I get the Error 404 as intended.
  3. Thank you for the answers. @rick The .htacess has the same configuration, I checked this before. @Zeka No, i didn 't. I just transfered the template files. I didn 't know that could be neccessary. I'll try it (need to check how it should be done).
  4. I'm using "throw new Wire404Exception();" in my template, it worked fine. After Migrating to an other server and Upgrading to PW 3.0.62 I got an Error "Class 'Wire404Exception' not found" . I spent the day yesterday unsuccessfully to understand the reason. Is there any reason, why PW can't find this class? The Exceptions.php in wire/core exists. I beg your pardon, if this topic should be discussed here yet - the search items 'Wire404Exception' and 'not found' leed to many other results not related to the class itself.
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