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  1. Hi All, Sorry for my own late reply, but you guys here are really fast and to the point, wow! I bet this is one of the reasons our customers with ProcessWire like it so much In any case we're looking forward to the redis module improvements!
  2. Ok that would be terrific, we have a lot of other CMS with redis enabled and redis really rocks for storing sessions
  3. Hmm in the meanwhile I was able to download it, but I'm unsure how it works. PS: Karl_T, can't you implement the locks in your module with this example?
  4. Trying to there files, but it says not available for my account I just signed up, but I assume the files contains fixes for the public module here: https://github.com/karltaidev/SessionHandlerDBRedis Were you able to implement the lock or didn't I understand correctly?
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