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  1. Thanks, @Macrura. Contacted him again.
  2. Anyone?
  3. Bumping this... anyone? @ryan?
  4. Still nothing...
  5. I did yesterday; still haven't heard back. When I think about this more, it probably does have something to do with .htaccess, particularly mod_rewrite. Likely, that "[...] /site/assets/" address is the real URI, and .htaccess/mod_rewrite should rewrite and display the URL just as "". I'm just not quite sure how to do that.
  6. Bumping this - also I can't seem to find this "VIP forum". I guess I don't have access.
  7. Thanks, @kongondo, I wasn't aware of that forum. @ryan, could you please set up access and/or offer insight to the above issue? Thanks.
  8. Any ideas, anyone?
  9. Unfortunately it's not. This issue is still ongoing; other folks notice it too. Does anyone else know why when the homepage is accessed, the address bar reflects the following: Thanks, all.
  10. Thanks, Rick! Alas, some folks here are noticing that issue, and I do need to figure out how to correct it. It took me a second to be able to 'trigger' the bug, too, but it does seem to happen sometimes in some contexts.
  11. Thanks, Sérgio. Very fast response! I'm looking at the .htaccess now - what specifically would you recommend tweaking? There's a LOT of mentions of ProCache in it.
  12. Hi folks, We recently turned on ProCache and have noticed this happening when the homepage of the site is accessed: When you go to our homepage (as in, typed into an address bar -- oddly it doesn't happen with bookmarked pages), it results in this: Of course, nothing should appear in the address but the "". Why does the rest, "site/assets/ProCache-5a95c48539bfade3888cb4c439f//index-www_villasofdistinction_com.html" appear? And what can be done to get rid of it? Thanks for any help - Happy Friday!
  13. fredmv

    Hi folks, New to ProcessWire. Looking for a solid way to figure out if I'm on the last page of a paginated result. E.g., there's 10 pages returned, how can I extract 10. I've looked at the documentation, and unless I'm missing something, there isn't a straightforward way to do this. The above seems like a hack - having to know the result limit seems like a drawback. Please advise. The only thing I've found that works is something like Math.ceil (TOTAL_RESULT_COUNT / RESULTS_PER_PAGE_LIMIT). Still, it seems there should be a way to directly grab that last page number. Thanks, Fred