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  1. Many thanks all! Happy to be here. Very encouraging to hear - this will enable updates to be done during active development phases with a site, so there can be a general round of testing rather than trying to test everytime after installing frequent updates. I'll check out the upgrade module.
  2. Hi, I'm new to PW and like it a lot so far. With most WordPress and Drupal websites there are frequent updates to core & plugins, some of these are security released so I tend to install any updates ASAP. When supporting many websites this update fatigue is pretty tiresome. What is your update strategy when maintaining PW sites? Would be interested to hear if you think it is valid to perhaps do a quarterly update or perhaps only even update yearly if there are no security announcements? Also just to clarify, if there a security mailing list we should subscribe to just in case an urgent fix is ever released? Thanks!
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