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  1. I have to reopen this thread, because I still have these problems. I am absolutely sure that my user-name is valid and unique. Still, if using $users->add($name) I'm getting a NullPage back, but just sometimes. I couldn't find a way to reproduce this error on our test-server. Our database is huge, we have some traffic and probably sometimes users are created nearly simultaneously (but definitely with unique names) Currently we have more than 150k user-accounts in the system. Do you think that could be a problem? The solution of @Noel Boss is interesting. How will the user-name be generated in this case? Any help is really appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I have a custom login-page for my vistors and I want to implement a 2-factor authentication. Looks like the TfaTotp-Module already has this functionality for the login-form of ProcessWire. Can I use this module via the API for my custom login-form? How can I implement it? I couldn't find any documentation. Thanks, Dennis
  3. I created a tool where users can design their individual landingpage. Lately users want to implement their own html- and/or javascript code, for example for loading an iframe or custom tracking codes. If I give them an textarea, where they can paste their custom html or javascript code - is this secure? I would use $sanitizer->text to prevent sql injections. But is this a safe way? I don't (really) know which code they would save (and load). I would like to get an idea and your thoughts. Thanks and greetings from Malta, Dennis
  4. Yes, but it does not work if you have child-pages with a SelectOptions-Field. Thank you very much for all your help and support! I will check with the latest developer-version.
  5. Probably it got fixed already? Because I tested it with ProcessWire 3.0.98.
  6. I just created an issue for this: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/711
  7. Finally I was able to reproduce the problem on the clean install of ProcessWire. It seems to be a problem with a SelectOptions-FIeld, when no value is set. I did the following on the clean install: Create a new SelectOptions-Field with some values in it. Assign the field to a template Create a new Page of this template using the API: $mypage = new Page(); $mypage->template = 'basic-page'; $mypage->parent = $pages->get(1); $mypage->title = 'TEST'; $mypage->save(); print ($mypage->id); Copy the ID of the new page and do the following: $mypage = $pages->get(1042); $pages->clone($mypage); While doing this I get this exception: selectoptions is the name of my SelectOptions-Field. Settings $page->selectoptions = ''; seems to create the same problem (no value set). I don't think this should be the expected behavior?
  8. I was able to solve one of the problems. For a field of type Select Options I was setting a value which was not existing. When I'm doing the page-clone now, I don't get any error anymore. But still, the repeater-fields don't get copied.
  9. There is no page with status = 131073. I'm trying to clone the page in my template.
  10. I removed my ready.php and removed all modules in my site/modules folder. But nothing changed. Is it possible that something is corrupted? Because of this part in the error message:
  11. I have another weird behavior on this. If I use $pages->clone($mypage) I get this error: Looks like somehow something is corrupt. But I don't have any idea why and how to fix it.
  12. I just tried it. On a clean install (3.0.98) it works like it should be. My other installation has the same version. I don't have any idea why it doesn't work there.
  13. Thanks, I will look into this thead - however I don't understand why it's working on the ProcessWire Admin. It seems that it should work and I'm doing something different than the admin. Thanks for mentioning the child()-function 😉
  14. Hi all, I have a weird behavior. I'm using the following code to clone one of my pages: $block = $salespage->children("id={$duplicate_id},include=all")->first(); $block->of(false); if ($block && $block->id) { $newone = $pages->clone($block); } Problem: the page itself gets cloned, but on of the fields (a repeater) does not get cloned. It's empty. If I do the same in the ProcessWire-Admin via the PageTree, it works fine. The repeater-field gets cloned there as well. What could be the problem? Thanks, Dennis
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