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  1. @BitPoet You were dead on! User existed. That was impressive. No wonder is worked some times, but not others. Also, thank you for the API insight. @dragan The purpose of the for is to loop through existing user ID #s to find one that does not exist. I am not sure if my method was the best, but it works.
  2. I am a bit confused. I have a simple form to add new users, and I damn near have everything working. As a matter of fact it WAS working just fine a few times while testing. I really changed very little. The role "representative" exists yet I still get an error: <form method="post" action="./"> <label for="firstName">First Name</label> <input name="firstName" type="text" required> <label for="lastName">Last Name</label> <input name="lastName" type="text" required> <label for="email">Email</label> <input name="email" type="email" required> <button name="submit" type="submit">Get Started</button> </form> <?php if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { // Puts users in an array, and finds a userID that is not being used $agentList = array(); $number = 1001; foreach($users->find('start=0, roles=representative') as $v) { array_push($agentList, $v->userID); } for ($number; ;) { if(in_array($number, $agentList)) { $number++; } else { $newAgentID = $number; break; } } // Place POST data into variables $firstName = $_POST['firstName']; $lastName = $_POST['lastName']; $fullName = array($firstName,$lastName); $email = $_POST['email']; //Have Processwire add the new user $u = $users->add($firstName[0].$lastName); $u->firstName = $firstName; $u->lastName = $lastName; $u->pass = "Password"; $u->addRole('representative'); $u->email = $email; $u->userID = $newAgentID; $u->save(); //Add user to ViciDial $viciAdminUser = 10; $viciAdminPass = "password"; $viciUser = $newAgentID; $viciUserName = implode(" ",$fullName); $viciUserPass = "Password".$newAgentID; $viciUserLevel = 1; $viciUserGroup = "Arizona"; }
  3. I'm an idiot... page reference field on home page... all those duckduckgo searches... wasted abdus, thank you for such a hasty reply. I will make note of this, as I am sure this will help me further my understanding. I am sure this info will come in useful in the near future.
  4. Hello there fellow PW people, I am looking to feature a different page every week on the home page. I am building this web site, but not maintaining the content. I wanted some thing like a checkbox that would turn a page into a 'featured' page. this checkbox could only be used by one page at any given time. So if another page is chosen as featured, it would have to lose this value. I am kind of at a loss where to start. I have done some searching, but perhaps my keywords are not allowing something I am looking for to pop up. Thanks in advance! Rich Torres
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