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    Hey adrian, many thanks. It works now!
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    Hello. First off all, thanks for that great module. My problem is the combination of the TemplateEngineFactory module and the PageProtector module. Both modules don't work together. The problem is the Page::render, unfortunately both modules define a after hook. The TemplateEngineFactory always overwrites the PageProtector hook. [Page::render] => Array ( [0] => PageRender->renderPage() in PageRender.module [1] => PageProtector->protectedCheck() in PageProtector.module [2] => TemplateEngineFactory->hookRender() in TemplateEngineFactory.module.php ) When I remove the TemplateEngineFactory module everything works correctly and the login page is displayed. If both modules are acitve the login page ist not displayed. Can someone help me? Both modules should work together... Thanks!