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  1. Luis, thank you very much! Great points, great suggestions.
  2. ProcessWire's default admin theme, as well as most admin themes I could find here, offers a basic tree for navigating pages. I suppose it can become quite cumbersome once the number of pages hits, say, several hundreds, which is not impossible for a e-commerce site or a blog in which each entry is a page. How should I approach improving it? I would like to have an interface that lets me sort pages by fields in their templates for example. Should I create my own admin theme?
  3. Ah, I understand now. Thanks, Ryan, back to building! I think you have managed to create a CMS that is, contrary to Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, fun to develop in.
  4. I have figured it out. Following the advice from here: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1002-cant-upload-imagefiles-problem/ I have added uploadTmpDir which was apparently not set in /site/config.php. Now everything works. Taking advantage from this opportunity, I have a suggestion. Maybe ProcessWire should have this directory set by default? Is there any disadvantage to that?
  5. OK, I have talked with my hosting provider, they have also read this thread. We worked a bit to solve the issue and at the moment we come up with an error generated during upload, possibly at the very end of the process: PHP Warning: file_put_contents() [<a href='function.file-put-contents'>function.file-put-contents</a>]: Filename cannot be empty in /wire/core/Upload.php on line 128 I guess this is why progress bars stop just before the process finishes. I checked the line in Upload.php. I am unable to understand exactly what is what there but I am guessing this may be a problem with temporary folder. I have checked where the folder should be present (by printing $config->paths->tmp) and the path it showed me was /site/assets/tmp/. This folder did not exist. I have created it, switched permissions to 777 but it did not help.
  6. Hi, Mats! Can you tell me what the setting was? I can discuss it with my hosting provider. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Adrian! Thanks for your reply. I have turned debugging on and added the line to my templates. I am not sure which information would be useful but I have noticed that if debug is on, uploading stops at less than 100% (depending on the size of an image). I don't think it is about the allowed sizes for file uploads - uploading stops at what seems the last step in the process.
  8. Hi! I have finally managed to start my first project in ProcessWire. Loving the simplicity and flexibility but I have stumbled upon a problem with Image field. It just does not upload anything. What happens is: Upload progress bar is going up to 100%. Folders in assets/files are properly created, with permissions set to 777. Unfortunately, no image is being uploaded as there are no files in created folders. Nothing shows in Javascript console (Chrome and Firefox), so it is not a front-end problem. I have been searching for solution on this problem but what I have found was not helpful. I have safe_mode in PHP turned off. The issue persists for File fields as well. Thanks!
  9. @Ryan, This was very informative. I am more and more excited about building this website with PW, even if I could probably have it up and running much faster with Wordpress (due to experience I have with it). I hope it will let me take on more complex projects as I have already hit some unconvenient limits with Wordpress I would prefer to avoid in the future. Thanks!
  10. @Soma, don't worry about the "mobiliziation" of what you have written, I understood everything. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, @Soma, I am not sure I understand what you mean. However, by looking at the API, I think having comments as pages would give more potential for some advanced use cases. I am trying to structure the site with as much flexibility as possible because I still don't know where it will go in the future.
  12. Thank you all! What about performance of queries using PW's selectors? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to one of the approaches? Also, what about comments? I know there is a comments field built into ProcessWire but I was thinking about implementing them using pages for full control over markup and for freedom in displaying them in various contexts using various selectors. Is there a case to be made for creating a separate "comment-body" field, then?
  13. I generally agree that this is security through obscurity but what @adamkiss said is also true - when somebody can successfuly perform an SQL injection attack (through an insecure form displayed by a custom module, for example), not knowing table names can hinder at least some attacks. Basically what an attacker can do in this case is just droping all tables, nothing more. She still cannot list table content because the code required for doing that is not possible to run. In this case the attacker has no direct access to the DB, at least not by possessing access info, like passwords and user names. Or am I wrong?
  14. Hi! I am finally (after months of delay due to other projects) building my first site with ProcessWire. As I delve into documentation and experiment with various settings, I stumbled upon a problem of how to structure the relationship between fields and templates properly. Let's say I will start with establishing a basic structure for blogging. This means at least two templates: for tags/categories and for posts themselves. I assume each template will have main body text. For posts it will be the content of the article, for tags - a description of a tag. I could approach this in two ways: by creating a general field called, say, "main-body" and adding it to both templates or by creating two separate fields, "post-body" and "tag-body". Their function would be the same but each of them would be used for a different template. Now, here is my (obvious by now, I guess) question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches? Take care!
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