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  1. Thank you for you message. I tried to find the information in your link but it's not for a beginner like me, and also in this forum page by page but no one got stuck like me. Could you please suggest me how to make it works ?
  2. Thanks pwfoo for your very useful module. I'm still very new and I got an issue about the password validation as the attached image. The text "Not yet validInvalidToo shortToo commonWeakOkGoodExcellent" shown when I get in my Register page. It not work like in the back-end. How to fix it ?
  3. Hi Wanze, Thank for your great mosule. I really love it. It works perfectly with English content. But when I write in Thai language, it display question sign like this ???????????? ????? ????. I tried to follow this forum for a while and uploaded garuda.ttf font for thai language but it still not working. Where did I miss, how to fix it , please help.
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