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    Never mind, I found the errant code - PT2H changed to PT0H and all is well. Thanks!
  2. Eric7

    That's great, thanks a lot! I've also managed to reset the admin password and can start editing files. One other question/problem.... the site has a link to facebook where events are automatically carried over onto the site. It all works great except for the fact that the times of the events are always 2 hours later than on facebook. Any ideas where/if I can change this??
  3. Eric7

    Hi chaps, up front, I'm not really a web guy but know my way around HTML a little. A friend of mine has a website which needs some simple editing doing and I offered to do it thinking it was a simple enough task after viewing the HTML source. Anyway, the site turns out to be a Processwire site, which looks very interesting, however I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to change it. I've read around a bit & it seems the first thing I should be doing is logging into the admin side of things using however this just gives me a file not found error. I've edited the .htaccess file to change the "# RewriteBase /" line to "RewriteBase /" as detailed above but still no joy so I assume the login was changed to something else. My friend has no idea what the default login URL was changed to - the person that created the site is not available to help. Is there any way of finding it out? Or of bypassing it? Thanks in advance!