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  1. Battman

    Thanks! I dig into Hanna code modul to see, how difficult would be to implement this storage ...
  2. Battman

    I checked TracyDebugger and I like it, thanks for the suggestion! As I see, it uses Ace editor also, so your solution can be implemented in the Hanna code modul too. Can you give me more details, how you did that?
  3. Battman

    I like this module, I used similar plugin in Wordpress before I switched to PW, so I was happy to find it. Regarding the code editor, a helper module would be very useful which could save and reload the scrolling and cursor position when saving the code, so I could continue the editing where I left it. I'm not sure where, but I found something similar, but I don!t remember exactly. I tried to search in Google again and in this forum also, but no success. Maybe it was a different editor ... Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks!