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  1. @abdus Thank you very much for your feedback, but this is not working too the result of the wireClassImplements is: Array ( [ArrayAccess] => ArrayAccess [Traversable] => Traversable [IteratorAggregate] => IteratorAggregate [ProcessWire\WireTranslatable] => WireTranslatable [ProcessWire\WireFuelable] => WireFuelable [ProcessWire\WireTrackable] => WireTrackable [ProcessWire\Saveable] => Saveable [ProcessWire\Exportable] => Exportable ) It doesnt show the language
  2. I need a way when i am iterating the fields in some page, to check if the field is a multi lang value or not. $data = []; foreach ($page->template->fieldgroup as $field) { if (field support multi value) { continue; } $data[] = $field; } return $data; How can i check that? Thank you
  3. Hello. I am starting to use ProcessWire. So, i need to extend the ProcessTemplate Module. I need to add a required field to the templates into the Advanced Tab (for personal purposes) I already added the field, but inside the core folder, but this is a very bad practice. The best would be add the modifications inside the site folder. How could i extend the core module ProcessTemplate in order to not affect the core, and the processwire read my extended modifications. Thank you very much everyone.
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