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  1. Thanks Horst. Just spoke with hosting provider and they've said I can create dev folder in public_html and test the upgrade files through their file manager. Does this make sense to based on everything you've advised so far?
  2. I've downloaded the full site (1.7GB) and mysql (1.9MB). Also created a copy of the site for non-production version to test the upgrade with. All the modules used should be in images attached. At least I think they're all listed. Thanks for getting back to me. Much appreciated.
  3. So it looks like I'm running version 2.3.0 of ProcessWire that dates back to 2013. Seems like an upgrade is in dire need. My hosting provider's servers are using the following versions of software. Can you advise on the best version to upgrade to please? Also will this solve the issue with image uploads?? Apache 2.4.6 with all standard modules installed, including mod_rewrite MySQL version 5.5.32 (MySQL version 5.1.73 for unmanaged servers) PHP version 4.4.9 with Zend Optimiser version 3.3.3 PHP version 5.2.17 with Zend Optimiser version 3.3.9 PHP version 5.3.27 PHP version 5.4.16 PHP version 5.5.1 Perl version 5.10.1 with Crypt::SSLeay module version 0.57 Python version 2.6.6 Ruby version 1.8.7 and eRuby (embedded Ruby) Image::Magick version 6.8.3-6 GD version 2.3.5 CURL version 7.19.7
  4. Great, thanks Adrain. As i mentioned the team is new to PW, so I'm wary of the update being problematic.
  5. New to ProcessWire, must be an old version. Is CKEditor out of beta now?
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a standardised memory limit for PHP. I've resized the files and used compressed versions, but i still see the same error. My hosting provider has come back with the following feedback any additional thoughts: 2) Internal Error 500) The error logs show the following: [Tue Oct 11 09:06:57 2016] [error] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php[Tue Oct 11 09:07:04 2016] [warn] [client] AH01220: Timeout waiting for output fromCGI script /home/sites/public_html/index.php[Tue Oct 11 09:07:04 2016] [error] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php[Tue Oct 11 09:11:57 2016] [warn] [client] AH01220: Timeout waiting for output fromCGI script /home/sites/public_html/index.php[Tue Oct 11 09:12:04 2016] [warn] [client] AH01220: Timeout waiting for output fromCGI script /home/sites/public_html/index.phpWhy the site is taking so long to run the script, I'm unable to see why - but we cut off scripts from running longer than 30 seconds. This isn't something we're able to bypass. If the image you're trying to upload is rather large, it could be taking a while for the CMS to process it which is why it fails.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to upload an image to a blog post. The ProcessWire blog editing page is relatively simple. See attached. When I try to add more images and publish the post an internal server error is returned and a blank space is where the additional images should be. Can anyone advise on how this can be resolved quickly. Please let me know any additional information you'd need. Many thanks. JMH
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