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  1. rolisx

    Thank you @BitPoet!! That solved it!
  2. rolisx

    Thanks @Zeka But I don't know where to put that code to make it work.. <?php foreach ($pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt') as $produzent) { ?> <div><a><?= $produzent->prod_objekt ?> <?= $produzent->prod_hausnummer ?>, <?= $produzent->prod_ort ?></a></div> <?php } ?> The above will only sort by prod_objekt (streetname)...
  3. rolisx

    Hi all! I have a little problem here. I want to sort a list of addresses by streetname and then by number. First, I just had a field "prod_objekt" (address) containing both and then have a foreach loop like this: $pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt') as $produzent. Unfortunately, this would not sort by streetnumber if I had the same streetname but multiple numbers. Now, I thought I could sort by two fields. prod_object (adress) first and then by prod_hausnummer (streetnumber). But I just don't know the code for it. I tried this: $pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt.prod_hausnummer') as $produzent, but it wouldn't work. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks for your help Roli
  4. rolisx

    @netcarver yea, I saw that, but it's not that package. I had contact with their support and they just said "it's not allowed to use options".....
  5. rolisx

    Hi Zeka, i did. The hosting doesn‘t allow the word ‚Options‘ in the htaccess file...
  6. rolisx

    it doesn‘t work. i think i need an alternative code for ‚options -indexes‘ but without the ‚options‘...
  7. Hi Guys, Just finished a website locally and wanted to upload it on the webserver of my customer. I got a server 500 error. Now, the guidelines of the hoster ( does not allow "Options" in the htaccess-file. So, when I uncomment these: Options -Indexes Options +FollowSymLinks the site is visible, but the content won't show and no links are available. Not sure if I need the Symlinks-part but I guess I need a workaround for the Index-part. Can anybody help here? I need the website up and running asap.... Thanks! Roli
  8. rolisx

    Guys, me again. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this module. How can I achieve the following structure: Home -- Submenu 1 (anchor #) -- Submenu 2 (anchor #) ... Products -- Submenu 1 (anchor #) -- Submenu 2 (anchor #) ... and so on.... I need a clickable first menu-level (home and products are main sites and need to remain clickable). and then I need the submenus to be anchors, so clicking on the link jumps to the correct position on this or the other page. Is this possible. Or is it done differently in Processwire? Url segments maybe (tried to understand this, but no luck..)? Thanks for any help...
  9. rolisx

    It seems to install these but I cannot find them under "modules" anywhere.... what am I doing wrong?
  10. rolisx

    but how can i install these? doesn't seem to work
  11. rolisx

  12. rolisx

    can anyone tell me where I can find these PW3 branch files? PaymentModule and PaymentInvoice?? Just bought the Module but these are not included it seems...
  13. Hi Everyone I have a problem here. I have built a site with Processwire on localhost and then transferred to my customer's server. a) it's a windows server (unfortunately) and b) there is a domain-mapping for this site, the domain points to a folder of another domain. Sorry, I can't explain it any better, I don't really understand the different types of servers (why do they have to be different anyway...). My problem is, that I see the main website but not the admin page. Do I have to add anything to my .htaccess file? I also tried to include web.config file. Not .htaccess nor web.config file have an impact when changing its content. I really have no clue what to do!! Links:, Thanks for any pointing in the right direction!
  14. rolisx

    aaah! now I see! sometimes, you don't get the most obious things. Thanks Soma!