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  1. It seems to install these but I cannot find them under "modules" anywhere.... what am I doing wrong?
  2. but how can i install these? doesn't seem to work
  3. Thanks!
  4. can anyone tell me where I can find these PW3 branch files? PaymentModule and PaymentInvoice?? Just bought the Module but these are not included it seems...
  5. Hi Everyone I have a problem here. I have built a site with Processwire on localhost and then transferred to my customer's server. a) it's a windows server (unfortunately) and b) there is a domain-mapping for this site, the domain points to a folder of another domain. Sorry, I can't explain it any better, I don't really understand the different types of servers (why do they have to be different anyway...). My problem is, that I see the main website but not the admin page. Do I have to add anything to my .htaccess file? I also tried to include web.config file. Not .htaccess nor web.config file have an impact when changing its content. I really have no clue what to do!! Links:, Thanks for any pointing in the right direction!
  6. aaah! now I see! sometimes, you don't get the most obious things. Thanks Soma!
  7. Hi everyone, me again. I have a problem with my MarkupSimpleNavigation Setup. This is the structure (the important part of it): - about - news (visible in navigation an marked "active" when news-items are selected - news-item 1 (not visible in navigation, link will be on the news site) - news-item 2 (not visible in navigation, link will be on the news site) - news-item 3 (not visible in navigation, link will be on the news site) From what I found in the forums I have the following php-code for the markup navigation: <?php /* MarkupSimpleNavigation Example for Bootstrap 2.3.2 Multilevel Navbar */ // load MarkupSimpleNavigation module $nav = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); /* SETUP HOOKs ------------- */ // hook to have custom items markup $nav->addHookAfter('getTagsString', null, 'customNavItems'); function customNavItems(HookEvent $event){ $item = $event->arguments('page'); // first level items need additional attr if($item->numChildren(true) && count($item->parents) < 2){ $title = $item->get("title|name"); $event->return = '<a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">' . $title . ' <b class="caret"></b></a>'; } // submenus don't need class and data attribs if($item->numChildren(true) && count($item->parents) > 1){ $event->return = '<a href="#" class="active">' . $item->get("title|name") . '</a>'; } } // hook to add custom class to li's that have submenu $nav->addHookAfter('getListClass', null, 'customListClass'); function customListClass(HookEvent $event){ $item = $event->arguments('page'); // if current list item has children and is level 2 from root if($item->numChildren(true) && count($item->parents) > 1){ $event->return = ' dropdown-submenu'; // adds class to li } } /* Render Navigation Markup ---------------- */ $navMarkup = $nav->render( array( 'max_levels' => 3, 'parent_class' => 'active', 'current_class' => 'active', 'has_children_class' => 'dropdown', // all li's that have children 'outer_tpl' => '<ul class="nav navbar-nav pull-right">||</ul>', 'inner_tpl' => '<ul class="dropdown-menu">||</ul>', ) ); echo $navMarkup; ?> I want the navigation link "news" to show the template "news" with links to the "news-items" (that's what I have). "News" should always be "active" when "news" or "news-item" are clicked. What am I missing here? this is what it looks like so far: Thanks for your help. Roli
  8. Thanks for the input. It works. Have a great day!
  9. Thanks Macrura, I changed the news items as subpages now. But I'm still left with the same problem. I don't know how to fill my news container with the content when I click on the links. I've tried using AJAX but I guess, I just don't know how. barbajs also seems way to complicated for me. Any ideas? Where I'm at: I have news-items containing date, title, text and images. on the right side, I have links containing date and title. When one of the links is clicked, the container is supposed to fill with the right news details. Any ideas anyone?
  10. When I create subpages (news-items) and make news a parent, news is not clickable anymore, it just creates an empty anchor "#". I'm using simplemarkupnavigation. any idea how I can make "news"-menulink accesible again? found the solution...
  11. Hi everyone I've started to build a newsfeed for a customer, but I'm stuck... I have a news-repeater field including date, title, text and images. I have the link (showing date and title) to each news on the left (with foreach) and the details on the right (showing date, title, text and images also with foreach). I would love to only show the current news on the right. The latest news should be visible on the right. When I click on the link on the left side, it should change the news content on the right side. Does anyone have a simple solution for this? Here's how it looks like at the moment: Thank you! Roli
  12. well, I created a new user and defined her roles / abilities. for some reason, I don't know why, all the right for "guest" user got unticked. So, anything coming from Processwire would not show on the website. put all the guest-rights back in, it worked again.
  13. That was exactely it!! Thank you so much. Problem solved!
  14. not that i know. think I've done it the same way as before. obviously, something must be different.....
  15. <img src="<?= $pages->get('/team/')->wein_image->url ?>" class="portrait img-circle" alt=""> this is line 13 in team.php