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  1. I have a sudden problem with this module. The "Image extra fields" don't show up any more. Not on the Edit Page template, nor on the published page itself. There is the caption field enabled and two extra TextInputs. (see the attached image_extra_field_details.png) but they are not visible. I have done this page for a library more than a year ago and they used it without a problem since then. On the Page > Home -> Content -> Edit (an item) which uses this module: there is only the image and a description field (like a normal image field) the other TextInputs are simply gone. (see the image_extra_field_page_edit.png). Nobody has changed anything what so ever, I have checked the logs to be sure. The page uses the Image Extra Module 1.0.0 and ProcessWire version 3.0.27 Any idea what the reason could be? Thanks for any feedback. P.S. When I enable debug mode the only notice I get is : Undefined index: vitrineimages in /home/bla/public_html/wire/modules/ImageExtra.module on line 826 but no error The Admin->Modules->ImageExtra->Module information page shows: Title Image Extra Class ImageExtra File /wire /modules /ImageExtra.module Version 1.0.0 Installed 1 year ago Summary Adds custom fields to image fields (including multi-language support) Hooks To after.InputfieldImage::getConfigInputfields(), after.InputfieldImage::renderItem(), before.ProcessField::executeSave() More Information https://github.com/justonestep/processwire-imageextra
  2. Hello I am using a dynamically created Pagination like: $allImages = $page->VitrineImages; $limit = $page->VitrineImageCount; $start = ($input->pageNum - 1) * $limit; $images = $page->VitrineImages->slice($start, $limit); $total = count($page->VitrineImages); $a = new PageArray(); foreach($images as $unused) $a->add(new Page()); $a->setTotal($total); $a->setLimit($limit); $a->setStart($start); this works fine in the template file to create Pagination in relation to the number of images for that field in the page. But I have problems to include that inside a sitemap template (I am using the code from here -> https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3846-how-do-i-create-a-sitemapxml/?page=1 ) It doesn't create anything when I use the same code in the sitemap.php only replacing the $page variable with $homepage which is defined in _init.php (which is prepended for the sitemap template - and it's inside the $homepage page where I use the pagination in that way) It seems I am missing something (kind of new to processwire) because $a is always 0 when using this code in my sitemap.php file...
  3. Hi Adrian, thx a lot for your answer. That works. TracyDebugger is definitely very useful! (I just had to figure out that I have to enable it for the backend...)
  4. Hello ProcessWire Community, I'm new to processwire. I trying to find the corresponding code for certain backend pages. For example where is the code for the myDomain/processwire/access/users/edit/?id=[someUserId] page located ? My first attempt was to look in wire/core/ but there's so much files inside that I don't know where to start to look. I am just playing around on localhost with the MultiLang profile installation. In my case I would like to change the password field restrictions in Access->Users->add/edit User. Although I can locate the wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfeldPassword code, I don't think it's the right place to change something there. Perhaps I am wrong but I guess I can declare the requirements and complexityFactor for that field somewhere in the code for that special page?,I mean in the template file for that page ? But I can't locate it. How is a certain url in the backoffice linked to the file structure? I am conscious that on a production server I would not want to change that, but I try to understand how processwire is constructed. Any directions appreciated...
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