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  1. Still getting an error at $mail = wireMail(); I also tried $mail = new WireMail(); and it also makes an error
  2. I get errors with namespace ProcessWire; and $mail = wireMail();
  3. My question is simple. How to access WireMail with bootstraping ProcessWire?
  4. Hi everyone! I am new to ProcessWire and I have a simple question. I transferred from server to local one site and some images, scripts, and links to pages are not good. Homepage is at "localhost/restaurant/release/" and for example link to some script is "/site/templates/scripts/f.js". So when browser tries to access this link it actually gets "localhost/site/templates/scripts/f.js" instead of "localhost/restaurant/release/site/templates/scripts/f.js" . Where ProcessWire keeps this kind of stuff and how do I fix this? Thanks ahead.
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