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  1. Today I updated RepeaterMatrix to version 0.1.1, but I still get the error when creating the repeater matrix. Using createRepeaterMatrixField() returns a Field instance and not RepeaterMatrixField. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you
  2. Thanks for the update @gebeer. I'm currently upgrading my migration code from the old version of RockMigrations to the new one. However, I am running into the issue where creating the field (using createRepeaterMatrixField()) returns a Field instance and not RepeaterMatrixField. In my case I can get the code to return the right instance after saving the repeater matrix through the ProcessWire admin webpage. Maybe something is missing in RockMigration's createField()when creating a Repeater Matrix? One other thing is that we have ProFields Repeater Matrix version 0.0.8 and not the latest (0.1.1). We are in the process of purchasing a renewal. I'm hoping that once we use the latest version, the migration code will work.
  3. I fixed the problem by creating the field with the ComboField class. E.g. $f = new ComboField(); $f->type = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeCombo"); $f->name = 'heading_options'; $f->label = 'Options'; $f->addable = 1; $f->tags = self::TAG; $f->i1_label = 'Class'; $f->i1_name = 'class'; $f->i1_type = 'Select'; $f->i1_ok = '1'; $f->i1_collapsed = '0'; $f->i1_columnWidth = '50'; $f->i1_options = '+heading-copy=Copy heading-secondary--a=Secondary A heading-secondary--b=Secondary B'; $f->save(); $this->rm()->getField('heading_options')->save();
  4. When I create a FieldtypeCombo using RockMigrations I get the following error when I try to add the combo to a page: PagesEditor: Error saving field "Options" — SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'i1' in 'field list' Here is the code I use to create the field: $this->rm()->createField('wrapper_options', 'FieldtypeCombo', [ 'tags' => self::TAG, 'label' => 'Options', 'flags' => '0', 'i1_label' => 'Tag Type', 'i1_name' => 'tag_type', 'i1_type' => 'Select', 'qty' => '4', 'hideWrap' => '0', 'collapsed' => '0', 'useColNames' => '0', 'modSchema' => '0', 'useDataCol' => '0', 'i1_options' => '+div section', 'i1_ok' => '1', 'i1_collapsed' => '0', 'i1_columnWidth' => '25', 'order' => '1,2,3,4', 'i2_label' => 'Background', 'i2_name' => 'background', 'i2_type' => 'Select', 'i2_options' => '+None Color Gradient Image', 'i2_ok' => '1', 'i2_collapsed' => '0', 'i2_columnWidth' => '25', 'i3_label' => 'Width', 'i3_name' => 'width', 'i3_type' => 'Select', 'i3_options' => '+Full Width Max Width', 'i3_ok' => '1', 'i3_collapsed' => '0', 'i3_columnWidth' => '25', 'i4_label' => 'Spacing', 'i4_name' => 'spacing', 'i4_type' => 'Select', 'i4_options' => '+Padding Margin', 'i4_ok' => '1', 'i4_collapsed' => '0', 'i4_columnWidth' => '25', ]); If I edit the field using the PW admin dashboard, and then save it, the problem goes away. I.e. the field is created properly in the database. Am I missing something when creating the field using RockMigrations? Thank you
  5. Has anyone else tried to do this? Thank you
  6. Hello, I've added a Profields: Combo as a field in a RepeaterMatrix. When I try to add it to a page that uses the RepeaterMatrix, the combo field does not expand. The combo has multiple Text and Text Area fields. Is it possible to do what I want? Thank you
  7. I want to add a FieldtypeRepeater and I want the repeater to contain a FieldtypePage. Do I have to create the FieldtypePage in separate migration? The reason is In the FieldtypeRepeater I have to give the id of the FieldtypePage in the "repeaterFields" property. If I do it in a single migration, the FieldtypePage does not yet have an id. What is the best way to do this?
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