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    Thanks for the advice. I got it working. I think the bigger problem was the caching of the site icon in the browser and I thought it didn't work but when I went to a ipad I could see it and clearing the cache sorted it out but not on my main computer yet for some reason.
  2. How do you set a site icon (i.e. in browser tabs etc.)? Where is the favicon.ico file put and in what file is the html link to it inserted? I cannot find anything online on this. I have tried just putting the file into the root and not referring to it as apparently the browsers will pick it up automatically but that isn't happening. Thanks in advance Joe
  3. @wbmnfkt - yes I'm new to webdev and finding my way around it all. I'll look through more of those tutorials and I've watched a good number of Lahijani's videos which are very good. I'm building my website gradually and figuring stuff out as I go along. I need to read more tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP but learning while doing is the best approach for me. @ Chris - I'll use devtool more but it's a bit confusing at first and need to figure it all out. I'm just puzzled as to why the problem with resizing went away once the main.css file was named anything but that name. My header image resizes fine now and is not limited to 100px width.
  4. Ok - I may have eventually partly solved the problem myself. _main.php links to the site CSS file main.css. I found when I removed this link I could change the image size. I found when I removed all the content of main.css and left the link still the same problem. Only when I changed the name of the CSS file to anything else and linked to it did the problem go away. Now I can change the image size using the % or px methods. Anyone know why the CSS file called main.css is a problem in this instance? Also, can I make these changes to the header via the admin console?
  5. Hi, I'm new to PW and have watched a number of videos online and successfully installed it on local machine as well as web hosted. I've used the standard blog template and I want to change the masthead logo to another one as I customise the standard template. I have become stuck on the issue of the masthead logo. My questions are as follows: Is there any way in the admin console to edit the page header? I have edited the _main.php file to point to an new image but would prefer to do it by admin console if possible. I cannot get the image to resize and have tried using the HTML height and width parameters as well as the px values in the main.css file that refer to the masthead-logo. The image (I've tried different size ones) all remain the same width as the coffee cup standard one and will not resize for me as I need it to be much wider than the standard 100px. Many thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me. If this is covered in a video anywhere just point me to it. Thanks. Joe
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