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  1. I mean to say, I wanna compile assets of my websites so that when user inspects website, CSS files and images wont be shown from direct location. i.e path should be compiled like MD5.
  2. @Martijn I want to hide or location of css file and images when user inspect source of my website. I can do it with October CMS. Can we do with PW?
  3. Can we encrypt CSS files or images? I want to hide location of my site files when user tracks source of my website. Please help.
  4. I would like to display a full width slider instead of size of pixels defined in ProcessSlider set up page. How can I get full width responsive slider?
  5. I was able to load the slider images but not the actual slider. In Console it throws error JssorCaptionSlider not defined.
  6. I want to restrict visitors to restrict browsing my website backend directories like: site/m wire/ Anyone please help me. I want to display 404 error when a visitor visits mysite/site/templates/ Infact now when a visitor visits this path it says "Access Forbidden"
  7. Whenever I changed the server hostname, it automatically appends some texts like If my host name is 'server', when I checked site in browser it shows error ... user@server.welcome.site?What might be the issue. Is this causing error Access denied for user 'user'@'user.website.com' (using password: YES)
  8. Updated site/config.php with new host, user and password but issue not fixed.
  9. Wherever I insterted the code on template file. the slider appears top of the table (navigation menu) <div id="container"> <?php $slider = $modules->get('MarkupSlider'); echo $slider->render($page->get('Slider'), $includeScript = true, $options = array()); ;?> </div>
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