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  1. Hi, After this did not help, I noticed that the 404 page was missing. It seems that my client simply renamed it and filled it with content. 🙄 That was obviously the problem. sorry and thanks for your quick help!
  2. Hey guys, I have a simple child page from home that i can not delete or move. I'm logged in as Admin and everything else works fine, but the Edit menu lacks the delete tab. Changing the template or content works fine. I use Processwire 3. Can someone help me with this? Thank you
  3. Thank you Macrura! I'll report when I have tested it with 3.x.
  4. I tested it with 2.8 and got an error in the browser. 500 Internal Server Error – not sure anymore... I will try again soon with 3.x
  5. Hey Robin, thank you! I will definitely check out the custom CSS tools soon. The Image Interceptor works like a charm! Unfortunately only in 2.7. Maybe I have to switch back to that version for my project.
  6. Thank you. That worked fine for disabling crop and align features. Any idea how to preset the width for the images?
  7. Hey guys, I want to disable the crop and align features when placing an image into the CKEditor. The image should simply placed in a predefined width without any additional options. Can anybody help me with that? Thanks, Manuel
  8. hey guys, I had the same problem. I connected a database that was connected to processwire in a previous installation. After installing processwire with a fresh database everything works fine for me.
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