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  1. Your interview process involves my meeting the team over tacos? I'm into it.

  2. RT @jennschiffer: you say a function is deprecated, I say it's ~*vintage*~

  3. @Stonewing I think it might actually be a point in time, the year in which the travel of one kilometre requires N Canadian dollars.

  4. @TrioTaco oooo! Let's make it happen! https://t.co/ulNhighEHE

  5. @trakk00 omg you'll be there in person? Awesome! See you there!

  6. RT @OpenSpaceVic: As a part of the Why Can't Minimal exhibition, the VCC is putting on the concert, Why Can't Minimal: Do This? https://t.c…

  7. Super stoked for the @TrioTaco concert on the 11th! https://t.co/SGp9vOZaSa #newmusic #cdnmusic

  8. RT @OpenSpaceVic: The @CityOfVictoria is having its first Artist-in-Residence! Deadline is September 26 https://t.co/0P0qsfxE9I #yyjart #ar…

  9. @lligterink I'll be back in December, hopefully. Let's make a point of hanging out!

  10. The thing that I'm most looking forward to about everything eventually becoming nanobots is RL ctrl+z and ctrl+f

  11. RT @dark_shark: Marcel Duchamp plays chess against John Cage, Toronto, 1968 https://t.co/Iq9kSx4b8j

  12. Waiting on emails to come in? Just sit down to do some focused practising and they will come. Never fails.

  13. Rainy composing day is very welcome.

  14. A client's SEO auditor told them to remove SSL on a site that's taking payments. Yikes.

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