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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention it. It is PHP 5.5.9. Oh, you had the same error in version 3. Then it seems to be not fixed yet (if this is actually a bug).
  2. Hello, I noticed today some strange behaviour in connection with the multi-language plugin. I wanted to create a multi-language page and to display the languages in the frontend. To make it more fancy I wanted to add a flag icon to every language. So I used an image field I already had (image_small) and added it to the language-template. So far so good. Then I uploaded two icons and tried to fetch them in the frontend. I have the languages default (English/Englisch) and de (German/Deutsch) and the following code: <?php echo 'active|'.$user->language->image_small->url; foreach($languages as $language) { echo $language->title.'|'.$language->image_small->url; } ?> Result on an english page: active |/site/assets/files/1021/united-states.png English |/site/assets/files/1021/united-states.png Deutsch|/site/assets/files/1081/ Result on a german page: active|/site/assets/files/1081/ English|/site/assets/files/1021/ Deutsch|/site/assets/files/1081/ Somehow he can't get the German flag image at all and only the English page the English flag. But if I'm fetching the images from the $languages variable, it works. So I use this temporary as a workaround: <?php echo 'active|'.$languages->get($user->language->name)->image_small->url; foreach($languages as $language) { echo $language->title.'|'.$languages->get($language->name)->image_small->url; } ?> Result English: active|/site/assets/files/1021/united-states.png English|/site/assets/files/1021/united-states.png Deutsch|/site/assets/files/1081/german.png Result German: active|/site/assets/files/1081/german.png English|/site/assets/files/1021/united-states.png Deutsch|/site/assets/files/1081/german.png Everything is fine with this workaround. But why isn't working with the first code? Thanks for any help. Environment: PHP 5 ProcessWire 2.7.2
  3. Okay, thanks, now I will consider this.
  4. Oh... so simple? Haha, it worked. Thank you!!! Do I always have to add this on every find() where I don't want to use the pagination?
  5. Hello everybody. I have a question to the paginator module. I think this is a often used module so I posted it in the "General Support". On my page is a image-gallery with a lot of galleries. So I use the paginator there. It works also very well. But then I have a "Last Changes"-section further down in the footer. If I go to page 2 in the image gallery, the entries of the "last changed" section always changes. How can I avoid this? How can I limit the paginator to one query? $galleries = $page->children("sort=-created,limit=6"); ... galleries->renderPager() Only this query should be affected. But it also has effect on this query: $lastGalleries = $pages->find("template=gallery,sort=-created,limit=10");
  6. Oh, I am blind. There is already a topic for what I want to do: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3913-add-page-only-to-one-language/ Thank you anyway diogo You helped me a lot.
  7. Okay thanks, this helps me a lot. And how can I create a page with just one laguage filled? When I create a page and I fill the title & url fields only for the main language, it is valid. But if I do the same and fill the fields only for the second language I get an error message because the title field and the url field in the default language is required. How can I avoid this?
  8. Hello everybody! I started using Proccesswire and I am really surprised how developer-friendly and easy-to-use a CMS/CMF can be at the same time. Really nice!!! But I encountered my first problem. I develop a multilanguage website and there should be a page for news articles which are not translated. Every language should have their own news-articles. Is it possible to have an "active" checkbox for the default language? How do you manage pages which should be only available to the not-default language? Thanks for you help. PS: Forgive me my bad english and "HALLO" to all germans here
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