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  1. What did work was to change the save() call to $event->save( 'event_data' ) where event_data is the name of the field (in this case a table). Oops! I just noticed that passing the field name was suggested by Kixe! Sorry I didn't notice!
  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I added the call to of(false) but the value is still not being saved.
  3. Hi all, I'm having trouble saving a table field modified programatically. I tried save() on the page but the change isn't being saved. Here is the code: foreach ( $event->event_data as $ed ) { // update the signup id so we don't have to look for the file again if ( $signup_id != 0 ) { var_dump( $ed->signup_id ); $ed->signup_id = $signup_id; // $event->save( $event->event_data ); $event->save(); var_dump( $ed->signup_id ); } The two var_dumps() produce this output: NULL int(8045148) This tells me that the field is being set to the correct value. However, when I visit the page, the signup_id field is still NULL (that is, nothing is displayed). $event is a page, $event->event_data is a table, and signup_id is one of the table columns. Thanks for any help! Julio
  4. Hi all! Are there any storefront modules available for use? Something that lists items for sale with images and prices, and perhaps also a way to order items and pay for them. Thanks! Julio
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