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  1. Hello, I have tried to install this language (spanish (es-ES) v.2) on PW2.5 Wenn I try to edit a file from "admin/setup/language-translator/add/". It shows a message: File does not exist: /wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldPageName\InputfieldPageName.module (Translation file not needed? Textdomain: wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldpagename--inputfieldpagename-module) But the file /wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldPageName\InputfieldPageName.module exists. I have opened the json file with the translations I have observed that the attribute "file" is: Wenn I use the translator manager to create a new translation file, the value of this parameter ist: I have changed in all my language files the // by \/ and it works. Can someone test if I'm wrong or this error are produced due to this wrong attribute in the translation files? Thank you in advance. Raul Garcia.
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