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  1. Man.......really thank you! Now it works! I've been more than one week speaking with the Aruba staff and no one helped me. !!!!!
  2. I get the same error also if I declare the Rewritebase as you say Not FoundThe requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.
  3. Hello everyone. Please help me, I’m getting mad. I’m trying to install ProcessWire on my server and nothing works. I have an Italian provider called ARUBA. During the installation I had some problems with the .htaccess file and I made some changes. here is my file. http://www.danielemartini.net/htaccess Now that the installations is done, I can see the Homepage http://www.danielemartini.net/sito/ but I can’t access the admin page. i didn’t change the urls so should be http://www.danielemartini.net/sito/processwire but it doesn’t find the page. Where’s the problem? Why the installation worked and now I can’t access ?
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