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  1. Hello. I´d like to have an input field where the user can select one of a few choices of currencies. I there any module that can do this? thanks
  2. sorry for the late repply. i believe the last solution is the best for me. Its just that i was used to have a separate directory for each theme, like in drupal, and all its files (.css, .jpg, etc) would be inside it. I tooke me some time to see the advantages of this. thanks!
  3. Hello to all I'm still starting to understand all that was said about creating a template in processwire, but there's something i still couldn't: if you have multiple templates, all of them will have a matching php file in the site/templates directory, and include all the other files from the css, script and inc directories, under templates. correct? But that means all the css, from the different templates will be mixed in the same css directory? If it is, that means a very different philosophy of drupal or wordpress (my previous choice CMS's) thanks for your answers. Bye
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