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  1. Okay, nice. I've bumped the version to 1.0.2. So you can get an "official" Release via GitHub/composer https://github.com/sunlix/ProcessAbbreviate https://packagist.org/packages/zenmotion/process-abbreviate
  2. hmmm can you look at the top of your referenced file if this line appears? if(!class_exists('Abbreviation', false)) require_once(__DIR__ .'/Abbreviation.php');
  3. Hi @Juergen I've tagged version 1.0.1 to solve your error. This could be happen if composer was not used to manage modules.
  4. Hi, I've published Version 0.4.1 of Abbreviate. The following changes are included. fixed #1 possible value overwriting with empty strings Better auto mark up fixed #1 possible value overwriting with empty strings It is no longer allowed to set a empty String on the language attribute if there is a value set. This fixes bug #1 in the issue tracker. For the same behavior I've edited the code line also for the abbreviation text. Better auto mark up I've removed the right word boundary check, because german abbreviation style like z.B. or usw. couldn't found automatically cause the dot character is a non word character. Is there any developer with regex knowledge you can support me in creating a better regex for the auto mark up feature? Currently it feels a little bit rudimentary and not finished yet. I use this feature by myself and it works in most cases, but I think there are certain edge cases. The new version is pushed to GitHub and will be available soon via the system updater. regards, Sven
  5. Ho folks, I've a new release 0.3.1 for my module ProcessAbbreviate. The following changes are included in version 0.3.1 Proper Attribute extraction on each found <abbr> Better CKEditor plugin Proper Attribute extraction on each found <abbr> The latest version has a better attribute extraction for found <abbr> tags. Now there should be no unexpected titles or language extractions any more. I've ran into a special one with the latest ProcessWire dev branch where titles were not extracted correctly cause the presence of a xml:lang attribute. Better CKEditor plugin The included CKEditor plugin got a cleaned up code and fixed by selecting your abbreviation with defined language attributes. Now the behavior should be as it should Let me know if anyone has some trouble with this release. Your feedback are welcome. regards, Sven
  6. Hi lisandi. I am the module manager of ProcessAbbreviate. Can you tell me your system setup? I run a vagrant vm with ubutnu 14.04 on nginx or apache with current PHP version and do not notice any requiring errors like you do. :-/ I need a little starting point to look for your occurred error. EDIT: Maybe it could be an error due to the PHP version. I am using the JsonSerializable interface which is only available for PHP version >= 5.4.0 jmartsch noticed this behavior by running PHP without PEAR?! Thank you. regards, Sven
  7. Hi Guys, at this night I've pushed some changes to my master branch of ProcessAbbreviate. The following features are included in version 0.2.1 Support for the language attribute of <abbr/> Configurable auto mark up feature Bug fixes Support for the language attribute of <abbr/> I've altered the database table to save the language attribute for some kind of multi language support. This attribute is usable for screen readers to change pronunciation for the given abbreviation. Additional its usable in multi language systems for better/saver language handling. Configurable auto mark up feature Well, I would call it experimental. (It have to activate manually) I've just done some basic tests in auto marking up abbreviations. I would be happy to get some feedback if it could be more precise or so. If you have two or more abbreviations with the same abbreviation (text), the first abbreviation saved in the database will be auto marked up. So this feature will ever be a little support for marking up abbreviations, but you have to check these abbreviations on your own to be secure that the right abbreviation is marked up. Bug fixes There was a bug by uninstalling the module Abbreviate which did not delete the admin page created by installing this module. (thanks teppo) So I hope you enjoy this additions and give ProcessAbbreviate a try. Any feedback are welcome! regards, Sven
  8. Yeah, thank you @teppo & @netcarver. It is a nice idea; I'll go further to implement my tiny update routine this way. I apologize if I will borrow some code lines O:-) have a nice weekend!
  9. Hi Guys, just have a short question 'cause I didn't find any hint. How to create the best upgrading path for modules with own database tables? I want to add a new column to the database table in the next release of my module, so I have to alter the table. Where is the best place to add some code for altering my table? Currently I only had updated the ___install() function with the new column. Thanks for every hint. regards, Sven
  10. Hi, sorry for the delay - I was off for some vacation. Which ProcessWire and PHP version did you used on your WAMP? Didn't know about some pear specials I am using, yet^^ regards
  11. Hi Guys, today I want to introduce my first module for ProcessWire: ProcessAbbreviate The module basically hooks the save event of pages and extract all marked up abbreviations in textareas. With the shipped CKEditor plugin comes the main improvement in supporting faster marking up abbreviations. The plugin suggest explanations based on previously extracted abbreviations. On the created setup page, all abbreviations can be managed. Also you can predefine your common used abbreviations to prime the suggestion list. The module can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/sunlix/ProcessAbbreviate Feel free to try it out. Any hints and improvements are welcome. regards, Sven
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