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  1. Hi SiNNuT Thanks for the reply - I'll have a look more into the form builder module, thanks for the heads up. Comments would form part of a review. Reviews are based on objective quantifiable ratings and also offer a subjective / open comment - so in short a review consists of various integers and a text area for the comment. I'm not planning on allowing comments on comments within a review.
  2. I'm trying to get my head around an approach for the following: I have multiple pages as listings with details. I want to create a front end page submission for for registered members to post "reviews" on the listings - I want to build various fields (as integers) for rating stars that I will handle on the front end and also allow a comment. I know form the back end I could use a "Page" fieldtype which would keep the data nicely organised where I can see child nodes as review of a listing however reviews will be submitted front end so the review form will enter the listing id in a hidden field and I will lookup all "reviews" where id = listing id of current page. any advice?
  3. Hi Folks, I am trying to setup a scorecard for a page for a golf course listing. Each course has different "Tees" i.e. Mens, Ladies - but also different tee colours like "Blue" or "Black" for championship, "White" for "Mens", "Green" for mens / non compeition and "Red" for ladies. This is fairly common but some courses might use gold, silver bronze as their colours. Each Tee Box has the following data: Distance Par Index Men's boxes for par and index will typically always be Blue / Black and White - green is included for distance, and ladies tend to just have the one tee box. I am trying to get my head around how to setup a field for this / approach it so I have the flexibility to do: Hole Number (fixed 1-8) Tees - Tee Colour - Tee Distance - Tee Par - Tee Index I could probably figure some way to make "Hole" repeatable then the user has to enter repeatable rows under for each "Tee" however it's a bit messy and lot of repetition - it would be far better if there was a way to firstly define the courses "Tees (Colours)" then auto present 18 rows fields for the associated colours Par, Distance and Index. I hope that makes sense and hope someone can guide me on an approach. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just discovered my need for this on a mission to try something and I must say...awesome. Couldn't get it working at first my confusion lay in the fact I was calling: parent=page.province thinking it referred to the page but it's the field I needed to target i.e. parent=page.country_province - where "country_province" is the name of the select field I am using.
  5. Thanks BernhadB Appreciated the pointer, I know everyone has their own preference, suppose I;m just interested in different peoples preference and approach and I know there are many ways to skin a cat I'm really enjoying PW so far and realising that it's a great CMF to get people learning and thinking about projects, the ease of defining a query is truly awesome I mean: $mything = wire("pages")->find("template=my_template, my_field=special, my_field_featured_start<=today, my_field_featured_end>=today, limit=4, sort=random"); is just so simply to grasp and execute, I love the ability to tap into any field you define. Give me another week or so and I'll hopefully be posting my approaches and opening them up to either gratitude or constructive criticism, I'm looking forward to participating in this forum P.S. Even over the last couple of hours I've realised my frustration last night looking at the simple blog tutorial I was able to deviate from it all together and hash some functions together, PW makes PHP fun!!!
  6. P.P.S. I know my way round PHP enough to have hashed together something fairly tangible in PW since trying it, I've a pretty long experience wrestling WordPress, long time with EE and build a lot of E-commerce sites that said, my background is not Comp Sc, I've learned PHP over the years through trial and error like "is my brother dumber than a hamster" "Ouch"
  7. Hi Kongondo Thanks for the fast reply, I notice a nice buzz in these forums which is always so good to see on OS projects. I've had power read through them, I suppose my real question is if I create a function file for every "component" of the site i.e. new, events, gallery etc - am I going to cause significant overhead by loading "gallery_fucntions.inc" on the homepage just to output one featured image from an album, likewise with news. Or - is it better to create a home_functions to load only parts of the homepage but in doing so I have to repeat code through function files like: in my news_functions: Show a sticky post Show all posts Show post by category Show posts by archives so to load that function file in my homepage am I processing everything or only what I call from myfucntion() like getSticky() ? I suppose what I want to try and get approval on is whether it's good practice to have functions files handle all my queries for loops etc and call them in templates so as to separate logic from templates ish. P.S. It's nice to also see a very friendly forum with people who politely offer guidance, there are plenty of projects out there with grumpy vets who leap at the chance to flame a new user.
  8. Hi Folks, Only a week into PW and really enjoying it, I remember viewing it >18 months ago and just moving away and sticking with EE but I can see how PW offers some great flexibility and rewarding coding if you take some time to appreciate it, especially the API. So Ryan, awesome job! Now I consider myself a middle / lightweight PHP man, I understand the objective and what needs to be achieved but lack the fluency sometimes and have just spent 30 minutes threatening my laptop for a non object error - having stepped away and come back the issue was clear as day (i missed (wire) in a function file). My question is, I have a site that has "articles" and the home page will display "sticky" or "features" articles for which I have a working start / end date date time. What is the best method / approach to creating "functions" includes, at the moment I'm working on the homepage and thinking I create a home_functions.inc and that contains all homepage functions to load featured news, featured gallery items etc. Is this ok, or am I better dealing with each "component" of the site with it's own functions file and calling them as required, i.e. gallery_functions.inc - handles gallery categories - handles single ablum - handles single image news_functions.inc - handles cateogries - latest news - single news post My Ee workflow would be something like: - Create basic template like news.php - Create a single news loop that I can pass variables into to use for archive, categories based on URL segment variables I'd appreciated any tips as the whole PW experience is great and I want to start on the best footing.
  9. Hi bwakad I've already run my import using the awesome CSV Importer module, man that is so cool - ran 650 entry import and mapped the fields, so easy. My question was really about how to approach setting up front end profile / listing (page) editing, so we will import a list of members and assign them as authors to profiles so the front end sign in would allow them to edit only their profile.
  10. Hi All I am trying to port a community site over to PW and one aspect of the site is a business directory where members can log in from the front end and edit their business details and publish a special offer. Are there any tutorials or techniques on this I can follow, I found a forum post showing how to create a front end subscribe form but in my case the "members" area would be structured something like: Members - My Business Profile - My Special Offers - My Account thanks in advance
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