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  1. Thank you Adrian! You were really helpful. Have a nice day
  2. Thank you all for your incredible support and for confirming that save in dB or in session variables is the good way to follow. If I choose the "save to pages" route, I am not sure how to plan the creation of the page. Should I create the page in the first step of the quiz and than pass the id page post variable to the following steps? In this way every time a guest refresh the first step of the quiz in the browser a new page would be created. Can this generate too many unuseful content and hit on server performance? Thank you again and sorry for the dump questions.
  3. Hi to everybody. I'm building a short online quiz (10 questions - and for every question the page reload) and at the end of the quiz I need to present a summary of all correct and incorrect answers. Everyone can fill the quiz (the user doesn't need to be logged in and so any guest can access the quiz) and I would like to know if there is an easy way to store all the data so I'm able to read them at the end of the quiz. I tried to pass all post variables but I find it complicated because I need to pass everytime a lot of data, How could I store the data as PW pages and delete unnecessary data as soon as the process is finished? Is this a good idea? Thank you
  4. Thank you Tom, I am on the same server so no problem.
  5. Thank you Tom, partially you replied to my question because I learned a new interesting approach. Thanks! I think would be useful also to see other approaches. For my specific question, do someone think it is a safety issue? Thanks
  6. Hi! I have a stupid question. Usually I leave ajax called files outside PW, but in the case I wanna leave them in the templates folder which is the best approach to use? Is it safe to create a unique template that can be associated for every ajax called file (for example based on template (sanitized) title)? Just to explain it better, I could create a template like (simplified version) $path = $page->title; $include ("$path"); and create a new page with this template for every ajax called script (changing accordingly the title). Tthank you!
  7. Just as reminder for others. In my case inline editing in PW 2.8.35 don't work, updating to PW 3 fix the issue (although I prefer remaining on 2.8). Thanks adrian for your always present support.
  8. Thank you very much Robin S I will try without using sub selector. For the second problem ok! I read better the documentation and I think I need to target every language. Thank you!
  9. Thank you Robin S. I had tried before this approach but I receive this error Unknown subfield: name11658 When I used in a selector like this template=mysubcategory,pageref_category.name{$user->language->id}=$urlSegment1 //pageref_category is a multiarray page field type) So I tried a different not elegant route that uses directly title. Before putting into the selector I convert the dashes into spaces $urlTitle1 = str_replace("-", " ", $urlSegment1); //convert dashes into spaces //the selector becomes something like template=mysubcategory,pageref_category.title=$urlTitle1 Now everything seems to work although maybe I can have new problems if the title has to remain the same in different languages. Anyway now I ahve a new problem (or maybe I'm tired ) I have a multiarray page fieltype and I'm using alternate multilanguage fields. The problem is that when I use this $selector = "template=prodotto,pageref_categoria.title=$urlTitle1"; $items = $pages->find("$selector"); although the user changes language, it continues to filter data based on pageref_categoria default language.... Maybe I need a rest
  10. Hi swampmusic, I stumbled in the same problem. I need to use localName($user->language) in a selector. Did you find a solution?
  11. Thanks to this post I discovered that I can access local names in this way $item->localName($user->language) Now I just need to understand if it is possible to do the same thing in a selector to filter the results. EDIT: I have just found that I'm not alone
  12. Ok Wanze thank you! As I suspected is an intended behaviour. In this case, I don't need to get the full url because I have to rebuild a "fake" URL. I'm filtering records based on Urlsegments and names. I think that I can solve the link problem using something like //instead of echo $page->url.$item->name // I can use echo $page->url.sanitizer->pageName($item->title) but now I have a new problem when I arrive in the destination page where I filter records like this $pages->find("template=mytemplate,pageref_category.name=$urlSegment1"); //now this doesn't return anything because it is comparing something like "prima-categoria" with "first-category" My new question is : How can I properly filter records based on every languages? Is there any alternative still using Urlsegments? Thank you for your help.
  13. Yes I have set different names for each language. As a test I tried with $item->title (also translated) and it works.
  14. Hello, I have a problem and I'm not sure if it is an intended behaviour or not. I'm building some url with something like echo $page->url.$item->name but the $item->name remains the same in every language although is translated. In my mind I was thinking it automatically changes based on language, but this doesn't happen. Is this a normal behaviour or am I missing something? Thank you
  15. Thank you adrian, your reply is still helpful because I started working on other things and I didn't find time to investigate more on this (it is not mandatory). I have added the script in the header and now the error message has changed in Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'plugins' of undefined at ckeLoadPlugins (InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:17) at InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:22 ckeLoadPlugins @ InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:17 (anonymous) @ InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:22 Thank you as usual for your amazing support. As soon as I can work on this I will try to remove some javascript to see if something change.
  16. Hi! I have a problem using front-end editing PW capabilities. I'm using the latest legacy version and I have enabled it, but when I'm in frontend (logged as admin) I get this error in Chrome console Uncaught ReferenceError: ProcessWire is not defined at ckeLoadPlugins (InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:17) at InputfieldCKEditor.js?v=157-1475222106:22 I tried to disable some modules but it still doesn't work. Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this problem? Thank you!
  17. Wow guys you're awesome! My file are online. I will try tomorrow morning. Thank you!!
  18. Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm importing some external files into a file field using something like this (it is simplified and $fileurl is changing for every item) foreach ($items as $item) { $item->scheda_tecnica = $fileurl; $item->save(); } The script works perfectly but when there is a missing or wrong URL the script stops. I would like to complete the task and echoing the item that caused the problem. How can I manage this kind of error? Thank you!
  19. Thank you @mel47! I didn't think about this. Now I started import data using API and @Sérgio indications, but next time this will be very useful. Have a nice day
  20. Thank you Sérgio I will give it a look.
  21. Thank you Harmen for your help, hope someone else has an alternative smart idea .
  22. Hello! I would like to know which is today the best way to import multi language CSV into PW (for example multi lang titles). I have used import CSV and Batch Child Editor in the past but I think they both doesn't import into multilanguage field. Thank you!
  23. Post removed because I fixed it and wasn't a mailgun problem.
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