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  1. @Macrura Seems to work perfectly! See attached the input/output. I made some css changes and now it looks pretty, too (my css file isn't clean, will have to fix it later). tag-it seems very stable and easy to use. Added extra option showAutocompleteOnFocus and now it's perfect for every client. Thanks again!
  2. hello world sometimes it would very helpful if there would be a «cross asset selector». my idea is to upload the images/pdfs etc. just once in a manager (similar to soma's images manager) and then to be able to select the assets via regular image field (or a new one). clients wouldn't have to upload the images more than once (and crop, resize etc.) and it would save a lot of disk space. any feedback about the idea? thanks
  3. I've tested this already. Sadly you're just able to extend it by text fields. this is exactly what i was looking for! thanks macrura!
  4. hey guys is there a way to have an autocomplete tag input in the image field? I've already activated the «use tags» checkbox, but it's only a simple text field. my idea is smth like this: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/inputfield-chosen-select/ the client has a lot of images which he should tag on its own. attached what I have so far. thanks
  5. It's Tablet Gothic: https://typekit.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=tablet+gothic
  6. yes, just a prototype. I first want to see if anyone has inputs for me. Ye i know, I never mock-up this little things, I do it while developing - no time for this Yes it's planned. thanks for your feedback.
  7. since everyone is trying to make themes based on their own wishes and needs, I tried to have a view from our clients: what do they really need? how often? what should they see and what not...? so I ended up with a really clean theme. the trash page will not be shown in the page tree. I'll move it in the right bottom corner. some footer informations are not necessary to be visible all the time (eg. pw version, copyright). I want to hide them behind a button. I often see people looking for a "back button" because they don't want to use the browser back button (don't know why - maybe just my view?). some ideas for other features (like custom colors)? let me know what you think. thanks
  8. hi, thanks for this nice extension. what's the best way to output the label instead of value? wohnung:=Wohnung einfamilienhaus:=Einfamilienhaus i don't want to have "wohnung" rendered in this case... thanks!
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